1. C

    I Love the 80s 3D

    There is a song playing in the background during the part where all the panelists are talking about the Muncheechees (spelling?) and I have heard it before, it is a very famous music (electronic) sounding like a synthesizer, then there is a guy that starts saying some words, but i cant make it...
  2. P

    Breaking Bonaduce

    There is an intense instramental song at the very beginning of the eposode of Breaking Bonaduce on VH1 that played tonight (9-12-05). The eposode was about the afair that he had with anouther woman and the song plays at there beginning of the show when it shows his wife driving in her car. I...
  3. N

    VH1 Maxim Hot 100

    Ok there's this awesome song, kind of rocky. The only lyrics I could catch were: Oh i could just feel it and it's deep in my bones You gives me wiggles and it makes my bones shake I said if i should touch you I may be electrocuted HELP!
  4. C

    VH1 100 Most Wanted Bodies

    Does anyone happen to know what music is used in VH1's 100 most wanted bodies when going from person to person? It's an electronic type song without lyrics, and is played over and over on the show. Thanks.
  5. R

    VH1 All Access

    Hey, I want to know about this song that they play in all the VH1 All Access celebrity shows. It starts with the sound of a record scratching/stopping then then it sounds like steel drums are being played. It has a very Caribbean/tropical feel to it. Thanks!
  6. T

    America's Next Top Model

    It was used in a few other commercials. It has 3 Loud Brass Hits, and maybe a light string line in the background. Its used in the UPN Americas Top model 4 promo commercial. I'm pretty sure it was used in a Truck or car commercial also.
  7. U

    background music from vh1 shows

    I have heard some background music on vh1. It usually plays on fabulous life. I just heard it on fantabulous rides. It sounds like a slow piano with a rising pitch. like this "da den den den den den den" it sounds uplifting. no vocals.
  8. C

    VH1 40 Most Shocking Hair Moments

    Hey, I am trying to figure out who's playing during the Lil' Kim segment of 40 Most Shocking Hair Moments. It's an electronica piece that was used for some TV commercial as well (maybe a car). I know I am vague but that's all I can come up with... except for this goofy clue: the pieces goes...
  9. Guardianlion

    I Love the 90s Part Deux

    On the 1992 episode, there was this background music that play during the time they were talking about American Gladiators and again when they started talking about the book "Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus". It sounded like a metal song, no lyrics just a guitar hook, very catchy...
  10. Y

    Celebrity Fit Club

    you know that new show on vh1 where the celebrities go and try to lose weight do you know the name of the song that plays while they are in the weighing room getting weighed individually. Its like a slow mellow melodic sound.
  11. R

    VH1 80s electronic riff

    I am looking for the name of an 80s synthpop song that's used in an ad/bumper for VH1, on VH1. If I remember correctly, the ad is just animated, and shows the VH1 logo. The full song has lyrics to it, with something that is kind of repeated in a man's voice in the chorus, but I can't remember...
  12. M

    VH1 Britney Spear's Most Shocking Moments

    Does anyone know the song playing during the Britney's Most Shocking show on VH1 when they are talking about her tattoos and showing the one on her neck? There were no words so I am unable to search that way... Thanks!
  13. F

    VH1 Movies that Rock

    Does anybody know the rock song that VH1 plays right before the movie comes back from commercial. Its a really short segment. Any help would be appreciated.
  14. M


    I'll try to describe this as best as I can. It's a new promo by VH1 with video clips of various artists singing parts of a song. Some of the lyrics are, "Sing...sing a song..." while at the end of the promo is divided into a bunch of little squares with daisies and artists singing, "La la...
  15. C


    I saw it while watching Austin Powers tonight. It's got like artists in a different environments in the world. Kind of a psychadelic feel to it. Sorry, can't remember any lyrics.
  16. N

    VH1 "Fun"

    VH1 "Fun" Today, I just began seeing a new VH1 spot. It's very short, less than 10 seconds long. I didn't get to see all of it, all I heard was the song in the backround and the words "fun" throughout the ad. The name of the song in the ad is "Wordy Rappinghood" by Tom Tom Club. It's on...
  17. P

    VH1 Spot Music

    Ok, so I am looking for the music from a Vh1 spot that ran, I would say February 04-May 04??? The commercial featured artists kind of floating by, Justin Timberlake seems to stand out for some reason. :blink: It wasn't for a show on vh1 or anything, just for vh1 the channel. Anyway I...
  18. S

    Best Week Ever

    Anyone know the theme songs to these two vh1 programs?
  19. B

    I Love the 90s

    i was surprised to see that this show was on today (wasn't it supposed to start tomorrow, the 12th?!!!). i would like to know what is the song playing in the backgroung when they discuss cocaine in the movie goodfellas. so, if anyone happens to watch the show, let me know if you recognize that...
  20. E


    :ph34r: Aight i was wondering if anyone knew this tune that i currently saw on VH1. I know the add is just to advertise VH1 "hence" its on the VH1 channel. Its got a really really catchy beat that somewhat sounds like "No Doubt" singing but lookin up lyrics i couldnt find anything...