2012 teen pregnancy show

I know this is a long shot but it’s been bugging me for years. There was a tv show promo about a teen pregnancy show with a beautiful song with the lyrics “stay with me”. I thought it was on Lifetime or TCL but it doesn’t look like they had a teen pregnancy show then, only MTV. And yes, I’ve searched lyrics any way possible and still can’t find it. It was a female singer with a soft airy voice. I had the song downloaded years ago but my ex deleted my iTunes account. 🤬

Unknown video game

I saw this trailer of a game a few years ago on YouTube, it starts with a meeting in the forest of a village, in which the sacrifice of a very young man against his mother's will to a radiant and luminous superior god was decided, the mother in pain he transforms into a dark creature and fights with the god, hitting him and hurting him, the music is fantastic, does anyone know this video and know the name of the song?

Song from a french car commercial - 90s

Good evening everyone.
I have a question to do.
When I was young, I used to listen to a song that was the soundtrack of a spot. The spot of a french car, for the italian market, I don't remember the brand, I guess it was the usual peugeot/renault/citroen... the song is not so easy to describe, I just remember the voice of the singer, very very similar to Canned Heat style (or like the singers from 50’s, you know, like Dumbo movie soundtrack… that kind of voice). I could try to sing you something but I really don't know how XD Perhaps some words were similar to "aaand don't you" or "don't know you", with this f****n falsetto that I have been searchin for the last 25 yrs.
Sorry for my english, I have tried YT, forums, AI, reddit…… you just are my last option. Thank you!

CommonSpirit Health

What is the song name on commonSpirit commercial? Thank you



I am looking for the artist/song title for the following reggae song:

TV Series: Plebs | S1 Ep 3
When: Bar right after taking shots for Grumio’s birthday
Lyrcis: Something like…,

Get closer, and your skin so smooth
Girl you know I speak the truth
Come on let me see you cut loose
Throw your hands in the air
You got to ride like we’re at the fun fair
On the table
On the chair

Only internet result I have found is Dude from Beenie Man. Love that song but it definitely is not it.

Monsters Inc.

For anyone wondering about the music that plays in the teaser trailer, here's a little rundown of the trailer music.

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLWO5uyFpNo

0:05 - 0:30 - Danny Elfman - The Garden (The Frighteners OST)
0:30 - 0:33 - Danny Elfman - Flashbacks (The Frighteners OST)
0:40 - 1:55 - Danny Elfman - Dorfler's Theme (Midnight Run OST)

Hope this helps! Thanks!

Botched Bariatrics

Hi guys. There is a song playing in the background of the Botched Bariatrics advert on TLC in the UK. It sounds a bit synth wave esque and is lovely. Anyone any idea on what is called? Cheers

Brothers Cider "Always Look On The Brothers Cider Life!"

Ourtime UK Dating advert

Am I mistaken but does background music sound like Damon Albarn "Spoons" from Mali Music CD ?

Gain Relax Flings laundry detergent

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