"Dolce Vita" by Ryan Paris

I recently stumbled upon this song (Dolce Vita by Ryan Paris) on the radio and after some thinking, I have a suspicion that I know it from a TV ad that was playing during Roland Garros 2024, but I just cannot figure out which ad it was. I've been looking everywhere on the internet, but I couldn't find anything. It's not that important, but it somehow really bugs me.

Fyi, I'm from Germany, so I was watching on Discovery+/Eurosport.

Sony ULT Power Sound Series

Agatha All Along

Volvo FH16 Trucks "The Most Powerful Yet"

HBO Max "There Is Only One Place For The Stories That Move You"

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssi5xX6pcIA

Trying to find details (artist and song title) on the hbo max ad titled stories that move you. The song starts “a place where all our worries don’t exist” by a female voice. The title could be “build a world for us”

Haagen-Dazs ice cream


Ford Everest "Conquer the Weekend" Australia

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wzVJmykfUg

Looking for the name of the song used in the latest Ford Everest ad, "This is the good life", that's one of the lyrics in the song.

It's the Ford Everest ad shown in Australia. For anyone who follows Rugby League it was shown during the State of Origin match on Wednesday night.

I've tried searching Google but not getting any results. Nothing on YouTube either.

Sky TV "What a Wonderful World"

Loving the version of ‘what a wonderful world’ in the sky advert june24 advertising highlights on sky cinema, Atlantic etc Well known song but loving this version (wee bit techno?) anyone know the artist- would like to buy the track Thanks A

2012 teen pregnancy show

I know this is a long shot but it’s been bugging me for years. There was a tv show promo about a teen pregnancy show with a beautiful song with the lyrics “stay with me”. I thought it was on Lifetime or TCL but it doesn’t look like they had a teen pregnancy show then, only MTV. And yes, I’ve searched lyrics any way possible and still can’t find it. It was a female singer with a soft airy voice. I had the song downloaded years ago but my ex deleted my iTunes account. 🤬

Unknown video game

I saw this trailer of a game a few years ago on YouTube, it starts with a meeting in the forest of a village, in which the sacrifice of a very young man against his mother's will to a radiant and luminous superior god was decided, the mother in pain he transforms into a dark creature and fights with the god, hitting him and hurting him, the music is fantastic, does anyone know this video and know the name of the song?

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