Scene+ "Pennies From Heaven"

Pennies From Heaven singer for Scene+ commercial airing last November 2022 Who was the singer

Stanley Tucci Searching For Italy

I have been searching for the intro tune to this show for a while now, and haven't been able to find anything. I included a video with the song (plays from 0:00-0:10). The composer for the series is Evan Lurie but I haven't found anything on his Spotify. Any help would be most appreciated!


Citizens Bank "Dress Up"

Can someone help me find out what song it is?

Hi, I'm looking for a song from a car ad that appeared on YouTube During the 2022 remember that the song begins with oh it's not, but up to that point I only can remember this, did anyone see that commercial and know what song it is?

The Son

Westcraft Homes - Silverbrook Estates

I'm trying to find the music to this commercial, can anyone help? It airs on Pluto streaming service during Stargate.



Grey's Anatomy Season 19

Family History Mysteries Buried Past


The movie is Family History Mysteries Buried Past there is a very short snipit of a song being played it's a female singing only lyrics I can make out is Get ready for the

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