Adobe Acrobat "Acrobat’s Got It"

Scope Squeez "Find a Zone"

From Season 1


I know that the main song is We Gotta Get Outta This Place by The Animals. But the music at the very end when The Sheriff yells "A man protects his family" sounds like an entirely different track with stems from the main song edited on top of it. Am I wrong or is it a small bit from the main track ? & if anyone knows any of the sound design & the horror / thriller stuff in the middle reveal away

TVX (Salvadoran TV channel) bumper

Hello, I am looking for a song that was often featured in the TV bumpers of a local Salvadorian channel called TVX in the 2012-2017 era. I understand that likely I am the only person from El Salvador in this site but I do want to see if anyone has the skill or can help me find this particular tune. I have been searching with Shazam and Soundhound to no results, this is a link to the particular bumper.
The clip starts at 1:09 and goes on till the end of the video.

"I Can Change" by LCD Soundsystem in recent ad?

I distinctly remember this song I Can Change - LCD Soundsystem being in a somewhat recent ad but I can't find it online as being used in any TV commercials! It's driving me crazy because I distinctly remember hearing this song on repeat while watching TV so if anyone knows please help!

Station 19

FIGS Scrubs "FIGS10 The Iconic Series"

Trying to find the song in the new FIGS commercial celebrating their 10th Anniversary and 10 new colors. It’s a 30 second commercial. FIGS is a clothing company that makes scrubs for medical professionals. The song sounds a lot like Motown swing with a male vocalist. The lyrics are: “I want to say thank you; I want to say I love you; I couldn’t do it without you babe; I was never on my own; it was us against the world; And I would never change a thing; I want to say thank you; I want to say I love you; I couldn’t do it without you babe.”


1987 Bruce Willis Seagram's Wine Coolers "This is Where the Fun Starts"

Shazam couldnt get this one, I am hoping someone out there can.

I am looking for the music used in the 1987 Bruce Willis commercial for Seagrams. The link to the commercial is below.


Thank you!!

Molson Export Beer

Anybody have an idea what song was used in this commercial?
I managed to track it down to a group called "l'oreille cassée" from Montreal, but could never get ahold of them to find what the song was.


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