I Love the 90s Part Deux


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On the 1992 episode, there was this background music that play during the time they were talking about American Gladiators and again when they started talking about the book "Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus". It sounded like a metal song, no lyrics just a guitar hook, very catchy. It started out slow and then it picked up. It's probably an old metal song and when I first heard it, it sounded, at least to me, very hellish, demon kind of song :evil:. This episode should be on heavy rotation. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank You.

I think, not positive, that the songs played during each episode correspond to the year they are discussing... So, it might be a popular song from 92.
to be more specific, during the American Gladiator part it played exactly when they started talking about the female Gladiators. I'll try your advice but I think it might be older than the 90's maybe the 80's. Thanks

it sounded similar to the begin of "A place for my head" by linkin park on their Hybird Theory Albulm
I didn't see the episode, but I'm sure it will repeat after they've finished 1999.
Tonight I was watching I love the 90's on Vh1 (Awesome Show). During Ben Steins Pimpin' songs he mentioned a Beastie Boys song. It was in the 1995-1996 segments. It had some flute in the song. Any help would be appreciated.
I think the name of the song you are thinking about is "Sure Shot"

It's when they're talking about "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?" and they've gotten to the part where they burn the house down. There's a song in the background, it's kind of techno-ish and the lyrics are something like "Firestarter... twisted firestarter." Anybody know what that is?
Haven't seen it so again just a guess but could it be Firestarter by Prodigy?
Yea, during i love the 90's i think it was 1994, they were talking about natural born killers and there was a song playing in the background. thats the song i want. all i know is there was a guitar in it. if anyone can help me out i'd really appreciate it.
YAY!! I just found out the song is called "Wherever I May Roam" by Metallica. I knew I heard that song before.

Do you know if it seemed fast or slow? One of the main songs used in that movie was "Sweet Jane". Lots of people sing it, but I like the Cowboy Junkies version best. Maybe that's it? Otherwise, I have no idea... :p
no thats not it. thnx anyway. it was faster i dont really know how to describe it
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Good guess, based on the lyrics.
;) [/b][/quote]
I wasn't being sarcastic, by the way. I genuinely meant it was a good guess. :lol: