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Hey everyone,
I have this song stuck in my head, but can't figure out what it is!

I believe it was played during the VH1 Behind the Music series after commercial breaks or on E! True Hollywood Story. It's not the main theme music... it sounds kind of quick, low, and bass guitar-ish. I remember the music video had some guy in a convertible driving... I think.

Arrgh! If anyone knows what I'm talking about, help me out! Thanks.
Quick Question..... What's That Guitar Part From VH1's Behind The Music On GNR?.....

Hey. I was always wondering what that guitar part in VH1's Behind The Music on Guns N' Roses was. It was near the end of it.

Here, skip to 37:24-37:33 or around till 37:51.

I always wanted to know what that was from or if it was from a song.

If anyone could help, or help me figure out what it's from, I would really appreciate it!!!

Thanks to anyone that can hopefully help me!