Ethan Allen radio commercial


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Hi community,

Around 2006-2007, I kept hearing an Ethan Allen radio ad which played a really neat, jazz fusion type background music as the announcer talked about their furniture.

I happen to be a musician and can share the chord progression: "[F#7#9 / B13/][E7#9/A13/]", played over and over again. It has a piano playing the chords, bass guitar, drums, and eventually what sounds like a Hammond B-3 playing these melody notes against the above progression: "c# d# [e___ f# d#____ F# G][G#____ B A_____]" also done repeatedly until fade out. The bass reminds me of what you hear on Blood, Sweat & Tears song "Spinning Wheel."

I hope someone out there may know what I'm referring to, as I can still play it in my head but have no idea if this tune has an artist and name that I can obtain. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated! ;^>


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