1. D

    VH1 Rocks

    Hello everyone. I'm looking for a kind of punk-rock 90's style song that's featured in the VH1 rocks commercial shown on VH1 Europe. The female singer with cornrows (pretty sure) sings something like "You're being prepared" x3 or x4 in the chorus (i'm kinda sure those were the lyrics), after...
  2. O

    VH1 100 Greatest Women in Music

    Looking for the song in this commercial (Vh1's 100 Greatest Women in Music). Looked all over for a video of the commercial, but didn't have any luck. I couldn't really make out any of the lyrics because there were people talking over most of it. But it's a female singer if that helps? Really...
  3. D

    Mob Wives

    In episode 2 of Mob Wives (aired 4/24/11), there was a scene where Drita was talking about raising her two daughters... Drita asks the older daughter if she wants to wait for her father to call from prison so she can do her homework on the phone with him :( There's a song playing in the...
  4. evotik

    VH1 promo

    Hi. My question is, a guy singing a rock song in a meal freezer with a guy (another scenes). And girl inside the clip (or like this girl, i dont know): http://www.wallpapergate.com/data/media/243/40_Days_And_40_Nights_004.jpg The lyrics like: "...god damn it eveything i want, power" Thank you.
  5. A


    Hello people I really need your help. Recently I have been watching Vh1 and there is one promo with one song that I became addicted to. Its like a guy with a guitar and immediately following this, there is 3 women continue singing this song as well. It is one of last if not the last song from...
  6. R

    Vh1 commercial starting with justify my love?

    There is this clip aired on VH1 which shows Madonna and Britney Spears amongst other artists and it starts with Madonna's justify my love then it plays 5secs or so of another song which I wish to know.it starts like whoooo and then the lyrics aren't clear.anyone knows whats its name please?Ive...
  7. O

    VH1 little robots with antennas

    It sounds like Techno or Electronica Could anyone let me know if it's VH1 proprietary (studio) music? If not, it has to be from an album. In that case, what is the name of the song or the album? Thanks in advance
  8. S

    VH1 Tough Love Couples

    the song is played at the end of the "teaser" for the season. the lyrics are like "when the sky is low, I will guide you home, I will guide you.." kind of sounds like All American Rejects TIA
  9. F

    VH1 Most Shocking Divorces

    Does anyone know the song that played at the end of the Meg Ryan & Dennis Quaid piece?
  10. D

    VH1 Rock Honors

    Hello there. I need a name of the song in VH1 Rocks commercial 2009, I think the commercial starts out with Iron Maiden - Wicker Man, but afterwards comes a rock song that goes something like "Woooow, woooow, woooow, woooow" with drums and guitar in the background (o'rly, it's a rock song...)...
  11. S

    Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew

    There's a song that plays during the "Friends&Family" part of the episode. It starts a little before the 25 minute mark: http://www.vh1.com/video/play.jhtml?id=1630175 Any idea who it is? The lyrics are: save yourself, save yourself, cause you can't save me.
  12. T

    Bands on the Run

    Ok, I gonna take you back to the year: 2001. The channel : VH1 The show : BANDS ON THE RUN (season 1) In the season finale, during the last parts where the band Flickerstick is declared the winner over the band Soulcracker a song begins to play during the interviews. It's slow guitar and...
  13. D

    VH1 Behind the Music

    Hey everyone, I have this song stuck in my head, but can't figure out what it is! I believe it was played during the VH1 Behind the Music series after commercial breaks or on E! True Hollywood Story. It's not the main theme music... it sounds kind of quick, low, and bass guitar-ish. I...
  14. A

    Brooke Knows Best

    hey everyone! There is a scene in Brooke Knows Best episode 210 'Hulk's Surgery" when Brooke is trying to find dancers and when the dancers are practicing there is a song in the background..it sounds like one of Brooke Hogan songs does anyone know the name o the song???
  15. I

    Daisy of Love

    throughout the series theres a techno/dance-ish song that plays every time Fox starts talking, usually when he says something stupid and rambles. does anyone know what that song is called? I'm trying to get it for a ring tone =]
  16. J

    VH1 Tough Love

    Hi, In the first episode, the girls had to walk around the pool and have men judge them. Anyone might know what song was playing during Jessa's walk? I tried to play the episode online to figure it out but its different from tv.. I dont know how exactly to explain it but it was trancey/house...
  17. Y

    VH1 "New Shows in 2009"

    Please? It grabbed me the second I heard it! Its a new VH1 commercial in rotation about some upcoming shows.
  18. S

    I Love the New Millennium on VH1

    I have been trying for years to figure out the name of a song and this morning I heard a very short clip of it while watching "I Love the New Millenium" on VH1. They are in the year 2000 and were at the end of a discussion of the movie "Gladiator" and I heard the song I'm searching for. It's a...
  19. M

    I Love New York

    Hi There was an ad after the end of the I Love New York 2 show in vh1 tonight (monday 22 9:00 pm), and there was a really cool song playing in the backround. The ad had scrolling pictures of new york and it said: im gonna find love this time. and then: even if it kills my ass. in text. This is...
  20. Buriana1023


    Hi! I'm looking for this song that was an old VH1 commercial and in the commerical it had this guy in a white turban and white face paint and he was dancing (robotic type like movements). It was a techno song and it had one line the went "Feels good, looks good too . . ." Thx!