Bands on the Run


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Ok, I gonna take you back to the year: 2001. The channel : VH1 The show : BANDS ON THE RUN (season 1)

In the season finale, during the last parts where the band Flickerstick is declared the winner over the band Soulcracker a song begins to play during the interviews.

It's slow guitar and they lyrics I believe start with "someone said it's easy... so i'll sit here with my car (lyric could also be "coat.")

Can't hear the lyrics over the cast members talking at this point, then the huge chorus breaks through: Loud guitar and vocals saying at least it sounds like: "goodbye!!!! GOODBYE!!!!!!!!"

I have the episode recorded on VHS, I will find a way to upload it, but if someone can figure it out just by those lyrics it would be much appreciated.

THANX in advance