Snoopy and Charlie Brown The Peanuts Movie


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I want to be crystal-clear: I am not looking for music in the US trailer. This is just concerning the UK trailer at the link above.

Over the course of the trailer, it sounds like they cut up a longer orchestral track over the course of the trailer. I believe you can hear it play four times, at the following marks:


0:58-1:17 (I've been playing this section over and over for 2 days!!)



It sounds like it starts with piano, then segues into that full-on orchestral piece that takes off at 0:58. In the closing credits it also sounds like they start ramping up into electric guitar.

I've been on a mad quest over the last 48 hours trying to find out what this song is! I've been scrubbing back and forth on the trailer for most of the day. There also seem to be some other people that are trying to figure out what this track is. I swear I heard it in something somewhere else in the past, but I can't be sure. I almost thought it might be a John Murphy track, since it reminds me of the jetpack take-off scene music at the end of 'Kick-@$$.'

I hope someone can help me figure this one out, lest I go mad before October.

So, looks like they put more of that song in the latest making-of video they put up!

It's there from the beginning through 1:05.

I'm rather disappointed that noone out there has been able to figure this one out. I guess I'm just too weird for my own good. While others just go for the popular stuff like Marvel, Star Wars, etc, here I am trying to find an obscure musical track that not even SoundHound or Shazam can identify.