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It was used in a few other commercials. It has 3 Loud Brass Hits, and maybe a light string line in the background. Its used in the UPN Americas Top model 4 promo commercial. I'm pretty sure it was used in a Truck or car commercial also.
Hmm... its the same song as another song i was looking for.
Track 09 Kill bill soundtrack.
Mystery solved...
Hey does anyone know what song is playing in the commercials for the new season of America's Next Top Model. The vocals in the song sound very electronic and vocoder-ish. Thanks!
not sure if this is it... but i know for a fact that in one of the top model commercials Ladytron's "Playgirl" is used

...might try checking that one out
You can listen to an audio sample of "Playgirl" here, track 9. Also available on .
No, thats not it... its much more uptempo than that song. Its in the ANTM commercials that are shown on MTV, VH1, and E! alot, and as the commercial is closing out, the computer-generated voice says something that sounds like they say the word "model." Its very noticeable because its the last thing you hear in the commercial.
What's the rock-techno type song in the ad for the show "america's next top model?"

I tried googling the lyrics but not really having any luck. It's a commercial they've been airing recently on VH1 for American's Next Top Model. Anyway it's kinda of a trippy, techno, chill song and the lyrics (if i heard right) are "Now everybody thinks that they're in love, they're dead wrong" ...sounds very cool. any ideas?
okay well i finally looked hard enough!

if anyone else would like to know it's by the band Frausdots and the song is called "Dead Wrong"
i have been searching for the song that vh1 used to promote their marathon of ANTM which ran about two or three months ago, no luck. The song had "ooh wee" in it, that's all i knew. But i found it!

"Ooh Wee" by Mark Ronson
on the Honey Soundtrack

Hi -

What is the song they are using in the promo for the upcoming season of America's Next Top Model? It's sort of a dramatic, opera-like song with a female vocal. I've heard it being used in another commercial, too - and never could find out who it was.

Does anybody know what song this is?

Help is greatly appreciated!

inmono :)
If you haven't already found out the name of the piece is:

Viens, Mallika... Dome epais le jasmin (Lakme) aka Flower Duet

Composer - Leo Delibes

Hope this helps.
I'm pretty sure this was an ad advertising America's Next Top Model marathon on Saturday or Sunday. There was a strange song played during this, it sounded French and the people weren't singing but were just commanding verbs like "sing, dance, listen to music..." and had some French language interspersed with that. Perhaps somebody knows the singer or the title of this musical piece? Any help would be greatly appreciated! B)
Hi, i need help with what song is on that commercial, its a remix of some other song i know but for the life of me i cant think of it and its really just nagging at me over and over. Thanks
SO this TECHNO/DANCE song has been haunting me. It's been in short spots for TOP MODEL and DWTS. The former more recently. It's techo/dancy with a British kinda sounding woman blurting semi-distorted vocals. got kind of a zappy sirenish back ground effect to the song too. but I can't make out the words enough to have a clue. her rhythm or the beat of the words is like da-da-da-da, da-da-da or 1234 123- and the last word more clipped than the rest. I hope this post @ least makes sense. Any help would be wonderful.
AWESOME Song. Note; If you like this, listen to some of their other music from their album, WE ARE PILOTS.
This would be the song that's playing in the latest set of ads, a techno/electronic type song with female vocals during the "welcome to the future of modeling' ad they are running for the season premiere. Anybody know?