1. J


    Hi, I've just finished watching promotional commercials for the CW's Stargirl's episodes 3 and 13. And I'm wondering what song is used in the background for both the promo for episode 1x03 and episode 1x13. The links are below, for reference.
  2. S

    Legends of Tomorrow

    Looking for all tracks and sound designs, thanx for any help :)

    The 100

    THE 100 TV SHOW SOUNDTRACK SUMMARY (February 6th 2015) The 100 Season 1 soundtrack the complete soundtrack is available on youtube The 100 S2E01 episode 1.Home II by Dotan 2.Prelude In E Minor, Op 28, No. 4 Largo by Frederic Chopin 3.Sonata In F Major - K. 494: Rondo: Allegretto by...

    The 100

    The 100 2x08 promo music used is Brand x music - Deja Vu
  5. T


    What is this cool music ?
  6. C

    The Flash

    Anyone know the tunes in this one? I know one of them is Rise from the Underworld (Position Music)


    Reign trailer Extended promo Music used => Epic Pop - We Are Golden
  8. T

    Whose Line is it Anyway?

    Does anyone know what remix of Ride of the Valkyries is used here... well as what remix of the 1812 Overture is used here?
  9. F

    Hart of Dixie

    Does anyone know the name or artist, or just any info about the song in this promo?
  10. moneyguy


    Anyone know the music playing in the restaurant when Oliver and Dig are talking (actually before and after they are talking) in episode 4?
  11. J

    The LA Complex

    What's the song in this promo?
  12. H

    Emily Owens M.D.

    There's a new show called "Emily Owens M.D." and there's a song on the extended preview that i really like , Please HELP Here's the Promo : (The song starts @ 4:23 to 5:00) Female singing (Pop-Electro song) The song sounds like "Domino" by Jessie J. The lyrics are something like .: "Feel...
  13. bogzay


    does anyone know the music played in this trailer 0:53 ?
  14. C


    P.S. You're An Idiot is the title of the episode; I'm not calling anybody an idiot. Especially if you can help me with the title of the song played at the very end of this week's episode of Ringer. It sounded almost operatic, but it was not opera so far as I can tell and I couldn't catch any of...
  15. I

    Hart of Dixie

    Anyone know the song that played at the end of Hart of Dixie tonight on the CW (think it's episode 4)? It hasn't been put on their website yet. It's women singing what sounds almost like a gospel song. Some of the lyrics are "Let the rain come and wash away.. lead me on..." Thanks
  16. Q


    Does anyone of you know the music from these Promos? Would be awesome :)
  17. V

    The Secret Circle

    the song is in the hole trailer what song is it? plz
  18. L

    America's Next Top Model Season 15

    It's more of like an urban hip hop track with lyrics "i'm in the sky thats right i'm livin life". I really like that track, can anybody name the artist and song title for me? that would be really helpful....thank you very much and yay for Ann
  19. K

    Gossip Girl Season 4

    Hey, anyone know the song from last night's episode (witches of bushwick) right when the masquerade party is midway ish? it's more of a dancey song, no lyrics where in the clip in the episode.