1. tkaa

    Smallville Season 6

    there is a slow song thats playing when queen is testing his emp arrows i've heard it before but i'm not sure who it's by
  2. D


    Does anyone know the name of the song played at the beginning of the Supernatural season finale.
  3. K


    On the WB 18 there is a commercial for the new show Supernatural, and there is some song and at the end you hear "i don't feel safe" i was wondering what song it is. thanks
  4. michelle

    Beauty and the Geek

    Just saw an ad for Beauty and the Geek on the WB. It's using the song "Opportunities" by the Pet Shop Boys.
  5. T

    America's Next Top Model

    It was used in a few other commercials. It has 3 Loud Brass Hits, and maybe a light string line in the background. Its used in the UPN Americas Top model 4 promo commercial. I'm pretty sure it was used in a Truck or car commercial also.
  6. A


    The WB's been airing a trailer for the season premiere of Smallville. In it, there's a song that goes something like; "Oh no, I'm not listening Oh no, I'm not listening I'll stop her..." or like; "Oh no, I am a victim Oh no, I am a victim I'll stop her..." By a male artist, including piano...