Beauty and the Geek

it's the song that plays at the end of the commercial and the lyric I can make out goes something like ".... and the geek(s) get the girl"
Does anyone know the song in the new Beauty & the Geek commercial?? I love it and can;t find it anywhere.
The song you hear going "Hey! oh oh, oh oh oh oh" is Bowling For Soup and it's called "High School Never Ends". I dunno what the first one is called. I get all those classical/space/gladiator sounding songs mixed up. <_<
does anyone know the song on the new beauty and the geek season 2 spot? they are airing it on mtv even though i think the show is on whatever the WB is now.
hey so if anyone knows the song thats on the new "beauty and the geek" commercial for season to it would GREATLY appreciated.
the song at the end of the "Beauty and the Geek" falls season preview and who it's by?

The lyrics are something like this:
"You lift me up like the rising hold me.."

Any help finding this would be appreciated! Thanks!
I just saw a preview for the new seaon of this show and there was a cool song playing. I know i've heard it before but can't put my finger on it. It's a really upbeat song if that helps at all.
Hey, if i'm thinking of the same commercial, I have been searching for the same song! If it is the same commercial, then I found the song and you got the lyrics really wrong. :D Anyways, is this it: When Did Your Heart go Missing - Rooney
Answered my own question! It's When Did Your Heart Go Missing by Rooney