1. G


    Hello, I was wondering it anyone knows the song that is used in this Nakita preview for episode #5 "The Guardian"? If this link does not directly take you to the preview, then I am speaking about the one that is 30 seconds long, not the other one that is 58 seconds long...
  2. M


    does anyone know the mix that plays during the online commercial breaks for the CW?it sounds like keisha cole at the beginning but im not really sure?thanks:)
  3. B

    Life Unexpected

    Hi there, Heard this today and I don't think there's a thread for it. Life Unexpected is a new show coming to CW. Here are links to the promos with the song: (some lyrics I caught - "I can't see what's in front of me")...
  4. L

    America's Next Top Model Season 13

    Hey guys, just wondering if any of you know the song when runner up Laura was walking down the runway? It's a girl and sounds mainly like a nice hip hop song...thanks in advance!
  5. C

    Melrose Place

    Hi, Does anyone the name of the song and group that is playing on the Melrose Place commercial the begins with showing Amanda's legs walking in the office and says "You would be surprised what I know." The song says something like get on the road, its alright--- its a rock beat type of song.
  6. T

    The Vampire Diaries

    Wondering about a song in a different preview... it's previewing the episode "haunted" that airs oct. 29.... been googling it for an hour and can't find it. it's driving me nuts!!! the preview plays on this page- thanks!!!
  7. B

    Smallville Season 9

    What was the song at the beginning of the episode where Oliver is at the casino
  8. H

    Gossip Girl Season 3

    this past episode at the end when blaire lays down in the bed with chuck, thanks!
  9. L

    The Vampire Diaries

    In the premiere of the vampire diaries, there's this party scene and there's this really upbeat song that appears for a short moment. (Sorry, this is so vague!!!) I've heard this song before, but I was wondering if anybody knew which song I'm trying to think of??? Thanks!;)
  10. T

    90210 Season 2

    there was a hip hop sounding song near the end of the show, anyone know the name of it? Thanks
  11. Q

    The Beautiful Life: TBL on CW

    Does anyone know what the song is in this CW spot? I think it was in another ad and it's driving me crazy!
  12. T

    America's Next Top Model Season 9

    Can anyone ID this remix?
  13. A


    Does anyone know the song played for the intro? It is a pop song. Thank you in advance.
  14. K

    Gossip Girl Season 2

    Does anyone know the song that plays when Blair and Chuck are talking when they interrupt dinner? It's done in piano and it's beautiful! Thank you!
  15. G

    90210 Season 1

    if you want to know all the songs played on 90210 tonight go to this site:
  16. jca


    Shannon Doherty and Jennie Garth are back?
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    Smallville Season 8

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone knew what the last (I think) song playing was. The only lyrics I can remember are: "'Cause I don't know, who I am, who I am without you..." Or something like that. I'm almost positive I've heard the song before, but I can't for the life of me remember. Thanks...
  18. A

    Smallville Season 7

    The episode was shown last night 12/20/2007. Does anybody know the song at the end of the episode? Its got an ambient sound to it and its when Lex is talking to Kent's sister. I wasn't able to get the lyrics but its a sort of ambient, electronic song.
  19. C

    Gossip Girl Season 1

    It's the song that is playing at the very beginning when they show Serena on the train and in Grand Central Station.
  20. B

    Reaper Season 1

    Does anyone know what song is featured in this clip (or the first clip from the show on The CW's site)of the new show Reaper? It was rockish with a female singer and the few lyrics I could clearly hear at the end were something like: "i thought we had a special thing you're a fallen angel with...