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THE 100 TV SHOW SOUNDTRACK SUMMARY (February 6th 2015)

The 100 Season 1 soundtrack the complete soundtrack is available on youtube
The 100 S2E01 episode1.Home II by Dotan
2.Prelude In E Minor, Op 28, No. 4 Largo by Frederic Chopin
3.Sonata In F Major - K. 494: Rondo: Allegretto by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
The 100 S2E07 episode1.Party Crasher by Mozes And The Firstborn
2.Who's with Us by Current Swell
The 100 S2E02 episode1.The Road by Old Man Canyon
2.The Hop (feat. Bajka) by Radio Citizen
The 100 S2E08 episode1.Adagio for strings Choral Version
The 100 S2E03 episode1.Clair De Lune by Claude DebussyThe 100 S2E09 episode1.Headspins by Splashh
2.Plastic Hearts by Fort Frances
The 100 S2E04 episodeThe 100 S2E10 episode
The 100 S2E05 episodeThe 100 S2E11 episode1.RAIGN - Empire Of Our Own
The 100 S2E06 episode1.Confession by D'Artagnan
2.Carol of the Bells by Pentatonix
The 100 S2x12 episode
Johannes Brahms - Intermezzo in A Minor, Op. 118, No. 1
(Bellamy brings Dante's meal to his room and reveal himself then asks for his help.)

The 100 S2x13 episode
Ending score is The Spiritual Machines - Couldn't Stop Caring