America's Next Top Model Season 1

I'm not positive, but it might be "Shake Ya Body" by Tyra Banks. Is that the right song?
sorry no.
theres actually no vocals in the theme...other than "na-na-na-na" and a few quiet "wa-ta-ta" here and there.
...maybe there isn't a song since its playing in a loop sortof.
thanks for trying.
Yeah, I finally watched the latest episode and realized the song was wrong. When I searched, the Tyra song was mentioned from season 2, and I haven't found anything about season 3's theme song. :unsure:
Hey i no this t.v. show is kinda old but i was watchin the marathon on vh1 & want to know the theme song. I heard that India Arie sings it but does anyone know if it's an actual song or if its just for the show

Pleasssse help
Hi there,

Tyra Banks feat. Dark Child - America's Next Top Model Theme ?

Well... if not, whatever you use to download music, just enter america's next top model in the search and you should see it right away. I have a feeling it's a theme song that was made for the show though.

~ Mia ~
hmm, I found it right away... the one that goes sorta 'aiyai aiyai a~i' (LOL that at looks stupid so I'll stop lol) right? :D
does anyone know that guitarish song that plays at the end of the show when it shows the group picture of the girls and then the girl that gets eliminated disappears from the picture?
Hey guys,
I'm looking for the song that is played on the season finale of America's Next Top Model ( season 1) while the models walk down the runway at a Baby Fhat fashion show. The lyrics go something like this:
"Never Doubt, No Doubt What it is, where it’s at, what it’s about, trudging through the underground, no one’s here to map it all out, before you blackout, pulling you up out of the mists, bring you back to the trueness"
I've looked EVERYWHERE, and have had no luck finding the artist or song title. It kinda has a rap type vibe to it and in parts of the song, it kinda sounds like eminem but I have not a clue. If anyone has an idea of what song this is or even who sings it, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know. Thanks!

Ok they keep playing this guitar song at the end of each episode after showing a girl disappear from the picture, its truly killing me inside to know this song. I KNOW for a fact it wasnt just made for this TV show because ive heard it used on various shows. im gonna dieeeeee if iiii dont knooo :blink:
I'd like to know too so if anyone knows, please come forward. A few months back I heard the same riff you are talking about used during a Mercury Sales Event car commerical. I'm going through the same delerium you are ;) I mean...this song literally plays everywhere, it recently even just played at the end of the first episode of the first season of sweet 16 when she got her mitsubishi eclipse.
What's that song at the end of each episode when they take the eliminated model out of the group picture.
hey i have been watching america's next top model for a long time and every time the theme song comes on I start to dance. Does anyone know it??
Please help me i love it soo much. it goes something like this "na na na na na, na na na na na" "I wanna be on top" Please help thanks
The theme song was just made for the show and oddly the "na na na" and "wanna be on top" are all sung by Tyra herself.