America's Next Top Model Season 1

It's performed by Tyra for Top Model. She was just talking about it on her talk show last week. :)
Does anyone know what this song, which serves as prominent background music, and frequently featured during the fadeout picture sequence at the end of the show, is?

I'd really appreciate it if someone could help me identify this track and/or where to obtain it!
Not sure about the theme music, but alot of the other music comes from you can see the song listings here and search and listen to them in the catalogue (via the first link)
I have actually been to that site and tried many of the songs that appear in ANTM, but have always come up blank! I even e-mailed the owner of MasterSource, Marc Ferrari! Any other ideas? I'm open to suggestion! :)
Anyone know what music was being used in the America's Next Top Model Season Finale's ghostly bride runway show? It was very theatrical, dramatic choral chanting and orchestral music.

Does anyone know the name of the song playing in the runway show of the first season of America's Next Top Model?

Here it is in youtube

i need the end theme song of america's next top model, its the song when the fired girl disappear from the picture and the credits.


thanks... bye

PD: Sorry about my english, i'm spanish
I found the music for cycles 1-3 on limewire, but i actually like the cycles 4-6 music better and i cant seem to find it, except on youtube. anyone know where i can find it/know what im talking about? thanks,

does anyone know the theme song for America's Next Top Model? It goes "You wanna be on top?"

any help would be appreciated!!! :D

please and thank you!! :lol:
it's "Tyra Banks feat. Dark Child - America's Next Top Model Theme"
When they show the picture after the girl has been eliminated and make her "disappear" from it...I've heard the song before used in other tv shows, is it an actual song or just a loop made for tv? Thanks.
I did some research and I finally discovered some useful information about the song in question. The song played at the end of the show is an actual show and it's part of Extreme Music's catalog.

Title: Free For All
Composer: Nick Nolan

The track is listed under "X-Series". Then go to album name, then click Brit Rock. You can listen to it there.
I'm looking for a song from that same episode. It was during the first half, and sounded very R&B/Rap w/some Arabic/Middle Eastern melodies mixed in. The lyrics I could catch were "we want you, to take a look at what we do," and then I high, elctronicly modified voice comes in and says "looking in your eyes.."

Any help, please? Thankyoo!! ^_^
renaessance ...

Just did some Googling for ya ...

Possibly ...

Swollen Members - "Snake Bite" (or possibly some remix version of it) ???

Right or wrong ...
There you go.