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:ph34r: Aight i was wondering if anyone knew this tune that i currently saw on VH1. I know the add is just to advertise VH1 "hence" its on the VH1 channel. Its got a really really catchy beat that somewhat sounds like "No Doubt" singing but lookin up lyrics i couldnt find anything. The lyrics in this beat go Come on... Come On..up. Come on up and dance with me. Either you will be able to recognize this tune no problem or be totally oblivious to it. Hope somone can help
Hi! I saw the ad too and I'm pretty sure the song is "Dance with me" by The Sounds. Their song "Seven days a week" is very cool!!
I forgot to mention it's from the album: Living in America. I think they'll be on Last Call w/ Carson Daly tonight.
Originally posted by bbrocks@Jun 2 2004, 06:46 PM
Hi! I saw the ad too and I'm pretty sure the song is "Dance with me" by The Sounds. Their song "Seven days a week" is very cool!!
You can hear audio samples of "Dance With Me" by the Sounds, though the link.
Hey thanx, thats the exact song i was looking for, and seven days is a wicked cool song to thanx again.
There's a new VH1 commercial with a catchy sort of techno beat, and it's advertising just VH1, not any show in particular. I checked http://www.vh1.com/shows/hot_spots/, but it's not listed. The lyrics go:
"Come on, come on. Turn it up and dance with me."

Does anybody know this song? Thanks.
is it the song mentioned in this thread ?

sorry...disregard above!! i actually put in a link to this very thread. i am very out of it today :blink:
Does anyone know what the title of the song is/ and artist who does the vh1 commercial promo song. It sounds 80's but new...the lyrics are like "common, get up and dance with me". thanks :)
It's just a promo for VH1. It has the words going across the screen:

"Come on, Come on. Get up and dance with me"

Kinda a pop song. Need to know.....help....for the love of God

yeah an electonic beat going on under the lyrics...its been driving me up the wall for days now
checked it out and it IS that song by the sounds, however on Vh1 they are using a really tricked out techno version...could that be a remix? This original seems much more rock than techno...
lordwoot, please do not start new topics on existing threads... the duplicate thread has been deleted.
yeah it's possible they could have done a quick and dirty remix for the commercial...i'm sure if you snooped around you could find some remixes ;)
Originally posted by lordwoot@Jun 16 2004, 10:08 PM
sorry its my first time here...
no problem, just giving an explanation why your thread is missing. ;)
Does anybody know the name of the song in VH1 promo ad it goes come on come get up and dance with me anything would be helpful

Try "Dance With Me" by the Sounds. Link goes to available audio sample, track 2.

Also, don't forget to :usesearch: -- when looking for terms that are less than four letters, you need to add an underscore to get any results: _VH1

Here's the previous thread on this song. :)