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Sorry not sure if this is where I should post this. There is an older car commercial. Don't know the type of vehicle other than it's an SUV. Four friends are sitting in some fancy restaurant and the waiter brings them some modern concoction that is supposed to be s'mores. He actually lights something on fire on the plate. They all look at each other and head out to the car. The music starts and we see them as they stop at a gas station and buy the stuff to make real s'mores. They end up on a beach? I think.

The lyrics to the song are short, I know it was never made into a real song and the only part we get is the short bit on the commercial. The lyrics go...The road is long and it winds through, watch it fade away behind you......and a bit more I can't remember.

I had a copy of the video that I eventually found on youtube but lost it off my hard drive. I spent a couple days searching but since I can't remember the brand of the vehicle I have had no luck. I really really want that video again, I used to play it just on repeat because I loved that short song so much.
Re: An older car ad with a song I want to hear again

OMG I found it. Completely by random. After looking at so many car ads I had them appearing in my recommended list and there it was, plain as day. Can't believe it.