1. jchau067

    2017 Ford Escape "Make Memories"

    Hey all, Can anyone identify the song used in this commercial? Been searching for weeks now and it's racking my head in. Thanks for everyone with input!
  2. A

    Bell Mobility "Network"

    Hello Adtuners.. Any clue to what this song is..
  3. T

    Campbell's Chunky Soup Psyguyatrist "Eaglemuffs"

    looking for the song played by the kids in the background of the new chunky soup psyguyatrist commercial. the dad is watching TV and an eagle comes to cover his ears. been looking for awhile and cant find it. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. D

    Heart and Stroke Foundation "I'm Coming Home"

    Who sings this version of "I'm Coming Home" for this Heart and Stroke Foundation commercial.
  5. T

    Bell Fibe

    The wife and I recognize the song in the Bell Fibe TV commercial featuring two guys playing table hockey, one accidentally painting the arm of the other, the two of them in a hot tub, etc. Does anyone recognize this commercial? It's driving us nuts because we both KNOW the song but for some...
  6. E

    Travel Alberta "Remember to Breathe"

    Hi everyone, As my inaugural post here, I'm wondering if anyone can help me track down the music from what seems to be the only Travel Alberta video that's not on the Travel Alberta YouTube channel: Thanks in advance! :D
  7. L

    Kia Optima 2013 Canada

    Anyone know the music in the background of the new Youtube ad for the Canadian Kia Optima 2013? It's a white model and it's driving along some 'salt flat'. There's this really intense techno music in the background that just caught my attention for whatever reason and it's killing me ! I can't...
  8. K

    ATV Canada

    This was on tv years was an ATV(or possibly CTV) winter interlude commercial that showed various wintery scenes scored by an acoustic guitar instrumental. I can't find it anywhere...does anyone remember this and know where I can find it?
  9. C

    Virgin Mobile Canada "Backstage"

    Hello! The Name of the song is "Berelain" by "PK"! Hope that helped! I loved this song immediately because he sounds like Robert Smith from The Cure!
  10. K

    Virgin Mobile Canada "Ping Pong"

    The second Song i am looking for is the one for Virgin mobiles sexy smart phones commercial where There is a group of friends all hanging out and one guy gets a kiss on the cheek and she leaves lipstick all over his face. Thanks in advance.
  11. S

    Molson M "Liquid Art"

    I've been searching endlessly for an answer as to the song in this beautifully shot commercial. I have a sneaking suspicion that it's either stock music or a track produced just for the commercial itself but you never know... Hope somebody out there can figure this out! :)
  12. L

    Bell Fibe

    Hey, just wondering if anyone knows the music in the background for the new Bell Fibe TV commercial? The commercial has a lot of CGI graphics in it, including a robot that throws a cube towards the viewer, and there is also two manta rays in it as well. It's kind of like techno music but has...
  13. donnadooverylittle

    VW Golf GTI Canada

    Who sings the VW Golf GTI song on the ad currently playing in Canada? It sounds like the scissor sisters, but I don't think it is!:unsure:
  14. B

    HBO Canada

    I saw a new commercial for HBO Canada and am looking for the name of the song that was playing. The commercial was an ad for up-coming shows and part of the lyrics are "baby i am a story that'll break the mold" Any help would be greatly appreciated .
  15. MusicCanadia


    I am trying to find out the name of the song in the McDonalds commercial that does the flashback of customers to 'another stage of their lives'. Ie. before they were a family there were a couple and the woman was pregnant; before she was a your business woman she was a teen dressed in acid wash...
  16. S

    Does anyone know the song from the commercial playing in British Columbia currently?
  17. W

    Alexander Keith's "Hold True"

    This commercial is great. And the song is amazing. It's The Stills from Canada.
  18. K

    Toyota Canada drive-in theatre

    I heard a song in a Toyota commercial I saw at the movie theater. The commercial shows ten years of Toyota cars and has the berlin wall and stuff in it. The song has the lyrics "under the stars, over my heart" but I can't find it anywhere! help, please!:(
  19. M

    Subway "Mmm ba da bum"

    There's a series of ads for Subway that runs on Canadian television, infrequently. The music has a strong beat, kind of like a march, but it also seems familiar, like it could be a pop standard that I just can't place, done in the style of a march. The lyrics are nonsense words; on Yahoo...
  20. K

    Bell Mobility Palm Pre Anyone know? Lyrics I got out of it are "you make it easy when all you do is please me it's touch and go" Thanks!