1. F

    2023 Subaru Solterra "Good Clean"

    View: Trying to find the song track in the background
  2. C

    2023 Subaru Outback "The Love Spring Event"

  3. jsh9574

    2014 Subaru Forester "Best Dad"

    Please someone help me with the piece of music in this commercial
  4. R

    Subaru "Flat Tire"

    I really enjoyed the song on the new Subaru campaign: It is "I Will Be There" by Odessa. Here it is on iTunes:
  5. T

    Subaru "Hand Me Downs"

    Does anybody know the song playing in this commercial, who wrote it, and who owns it?
  6. M

    Subaru "Take Your Daughter to Work Day"

    Mom and daughter with their Subaru the song is great the words are When I see you I see me. Does anyone knows this song?
  7. N

    2012 Subaru Impreza "The Door"

    Hi Everyone, I am new to this board, does anyone know who does the background song for the new Subaru Impreza commercial where the guy can't get the door to unlock for his girlfriend? It's really in the background during the commerical but you can sort of hear it. Sounds kind of like The Head...
  8. Supercalifragilistic

    2012 Subaru Impreza "Confidence In Motion"

    Hi , does anyone know what song they use in the new subaru impreza hatchback 2012 commercial ? i dont think it has any lyrics ... just beats thx, super
  9. Isaiah6113

    Subaru of Canada "Everybody Dance!"

    Anybody know this tune?
  10. C


    does anyone know who the music is by in the latest subaru comm. there is a couple on ther honeymoon it looks like, the song starts like, kings and queens they bow down, ranchers and ranch hands, bow down to, and i have it all,... thats all i can remember, it seems like i always hear the comm. in...
  11. R

    Subaru "Love Spring Event"

    Any ideas of the song name or band? Thanks
  12. flataffect

    Subaru Forester "Hockey Mom"

    The music is The Pogues "If I should fall from grace with God"
  13. R

    Subaru Legacy "Puddles"

    This commercial has a song that has been stuck in my head since Labor Day. Just saw the commerical on Fox during the Phillies-Giants Game 5 around the 6th inning. Red Subaru, going through a ton of water on a city roadway. Asian kid looks in amazement. Song comes in at the end. Seems like...
  14. H

    Subaru Forester "Reunion"

    does someone knows who the artist of te newer subaru commercial were a couple gets home, parked and they show their old subaru. the whole theme is about maybe loyalty to subaru showing the the new owners of a subaru still have their old one !! thanks in advance !!
  15. M

    Subaru Outback "Where Did We Park?"

    Does anybody know the name of the song in the Subaru Outback commercial where the couple can't find their red car behind a rock formation?
  16. S

    Subaru Outback "Honeymoon"

    I think this is a new commercial; I've only seen it like twice and I didn't catch the model of Subaru in it...I'm thinking it was an Outback, but not sure. It shows a couple that just got married and the guy set up this elaborate tent thing out in the country for them, and then it starts to rain...
  17. N

    Subaru Legacy "Keepsake"

    Just wondering what the song is in that commercial.
  18. R

    Subaru Outback carwash

    Hi, I've searched for, but could not find a topic about this particular commercial although it's a little outdated so that may be why. It was airing around 4 months ago I'm pretty sure.. Here's the link: Does anyone know if that music is just a tune...
  19. J

    Subaru Forester

    Am trying to figure what "surfer" type music is used in this ad.
  20. M

    Subaru Outback

    Does anyone know what song is played during the subaru commercial where the guy looses his sunglasses?