yeah thats definitely the song. i've got it and it rocks! im addicted to commercial music! THE SOUNDS - COME DANCE WITH ME
:huh: Would anyone know the music that VH1 uses/used for their segue/commercials? One that I see all the time is the "Come on, come on and dance with me..." with synth on the background. The other is awhile back that you see "clap clap" captions. I hope that helps. Thanks in advance.
Thanks michelle. I've used the search and I guess it didn't parse it enough to find previous threads. Hopefully I figure out the other.

For others who might know - it featured artist like Justin Timberlake(clip from Rock Your Body), jLo (clip from I'm Glad). The only thing I could remember was the caption "Clap, clap" in sync with the song/caption.
is it the one in which they use a fischerspooner song ("emerge") mixed with another song (les rythmes digitales - "hey you whats that sound"). did that make any sense?!! i think this was discussed here..... they also used a garbage song called "cherry lips (go baby go)" i guess that's the one you want.
Yeah, I think you're describing the "Emerge" remix song...

You can check this long thread for those style ads and their music...
Oh, Ive seen this and I would love to know what song it is. I have a Fischerspooner cd and this song definatly isnt Emerge.
its the VH1 commercial with clips of the music videos, and the song playing is like "Come On Come on, turn it up and dance with me yeah!..." who is that and is it from the video in the commercial with the lady with the black and white hair because she looks cool...
The answer is here. When you need to search our forums for words with less than four letters, you have to add an underscore to get a result: _VH1
theres a new vh1 commercial where they play the song thats goes like " come on, come on, come and dance with me..." i tried looking it up but i can't find anything, can anyone please give me the name of the artist who wrote it and the title of the song!! please! thanks...
Read this. It's "Dance With Me" by the Sounds.

When searching for words with less than four letters, you have to add an underscore to get any results: _VH1
Looking for the names of the artists for these commercials:

VH1: "Come On"- rpck tune plays in the background of a animated montage of musical artists, where a female sings "Come on..come on..turn it up and dance with me!"..some of the lyrics are spelled out in the commercial animation.

MTV: "Summer on the run"...a funky techno beat plays showing beachgoers partying as the "MTV Summer on the Run" logo appears.
For the VH1 ad, Read this.

For searches with words that have less than 4 letters, you have to add an underscore to get any results: _VH1
does anyone know who this song is by? i searched for vh1 too and didnt see anything else so i hope this is the 1st topic... in the commercial there are alot of pop stars pictures flying by, and the music is singing come on, come on, get up and dance with me.. sounds upbeat like a dance song, thanks for anyone that knows.