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Ok, so I am looking for the music from a Vh1 spot that ran, I would say February 04-May 04???

The commercial featured artists kind of floating by, Justin Timberlake seems to stand out for some reason. :blink:

It wasn't for a show on vh1 or anything, just for vh1 the channel.

Anyway I checked out www.vh1.com/shows/hot_spots - not there

Searched these forums and it is not:
- The Sounds - Come On (I think that is the most recent spot)
- Garbage - Cherry Lips
- Do you Realize
- Move Your Feet
- etc, etc, etc (all other tracks discussed)

The problem is that ever since hearing the "come on" ad I am having a hard time holding onto the tune for the one I am looking for. So I can't really come up with any lyrics :(

Help will be greatly appreciated.
I remember Justin Timberlake being in one of those two -- don't remember if it's the "Starry Eyed Surprise" or "Emerge" ad...