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you know that new show on vh1 where the celebrities go and try to lose weight do you know the name of the song that plays while they are in the weighing room getting weighed individually. Its like a slow mellow melodic sound.
Does anyone know the song they play everytime Biz steps up to the scale?I know its rap.
isn't the song like sleigh bells? sounds like some Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five song I heard
I've been looking for this background music...

During the 90 minute show finale of "Celebrity Fit Club", they played this instrumental several times, usually during the "Coming Up Next" portion before the commercial breaks.

It also plays in the background during the scene where Kim Coles is sitting down with Harvey (split shot) on a dinner date.

and click on "Kim Coles Blind Date"

It sounds like dance, electronic disco or maybe hip-hop. Here at one of the local radio stations the DJs talk over this music and it drives me crazy not knowing what it is.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

I finally found it.

It's a hip-hop song by Slum Village called "Disco".

Thanks folks for reading.
Does anyone know the name of the song when Willie Aymes is punching that professional boxer. It sounds sort of like an indie rock song/ garage song. The song has no vocals and MTV uses this song quite frequently on Cribs.
I'm usually an expert on MTV background music, but this song still has me stumped. I've checkec the Subterranean archives, but it wasn't listed.