Love Bites



Looking for the song featured in the segment called "Becky's Situation". I googled the lyrics but didn't find anything yet.

Here are some of the lyrics, sung by a female vocalist. The lyrics aren't 100% spot on. Thanks in advance for the help.

"Girl take it easy, take it slow, you're a hazard to yourself.
Excessive exposure to life may be harmful to your health
You're running around in circles like you've got somewhere to go
You're searching for the answers like there's something you should know
The rules are pretty simple, everything is accidental

...Life is crazy, life is beautiful

What it is in the end is all you have to do is try
Dowhat you got to to get by
and stay alive"
Sarah, I think you called it. I'm going through her albums to see if I find the song. I'll update if I find it.

DEFINITELY let us know if you find out which song it is! I've been searching for it all morning!
Fingers crossed! I have her first to albums, & it's not on either of those. Maybe it's not released yet.
I can't find a song with that name by Mozella. All I found is Love is Endless. Any ideas where to look???