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Does anyone happen to know what music is used in VH1's 100 most wanted bodies when going from person to person? It's an electronic type song without lyrics, and is played over and over on the show. Thanks.
you might be talking about Kylie Minogue-"Love at First Sight"...maybe?

nah...this song is more...techno? It reminded me of the song used in the Metriod Prime 2 commercial (one that the adtunes community has still yet to indentify), but it's not Love at first sight, or the song in the metroid commercial. Thanks.
i am looking for this too. its hard to identify because you get it in such small amounts. :(
someone must know, the sound plays in between every person they show. It is kind of technoish but like hardcore. :(
haha definately not that song :lol: Someone turn on VH1, its bound to be on everyday for the next month, someone must know the song. please help :(
someone e-mail VH1 :eek: that is one great song.

sorry about that LFO song, i though you were talking about another song..
edited again, cus my spelling sucks. <_<
where would i send this email too, i have been lookin around vh1.com and i don't see one.
I watch VH1 alot :) which episode you know from what number to what number, is it on?
yeah the song is played inbetween all 100. (between #97 and #96, #52 and #51, #8 and #7) :D
Is this show repeating again anytime soon, since we know exactly where to look for it now?
Anyone know the song that starts halfway through Heather Graham's clip on Vh1's 100 Most Wanted Bodies? The song has a very Indian "bangra" (sp) feel to it, like something that Panjabi MC would do. The song starts when it shows her on top of the car for a video shoot and continues through the rest of her clip.
Fire it up by Busta Rhymes ?


or Dip it Low - Christina Millian.
No, it didnt really have a hip-hop feel. It sounded like an authentic Indian dance song.