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There's this one particular song I remember being used in an AMC commercial, maybe it was 2007 but I think it was 2008. I remember recording some movies off of the DVR we had a long while ago and constantly watching them throughout the next several years. Eventually the family cancelled the DVR subscription and I don't remember if we wiped the external hard drives we were storing the media on (and if not, if the media is even playable on computer); but one particular ad still rings around in my head.

It was a collage of films that they would play a bunch for that point (it was on multiple recordings I had created from throughout that week or so) and it started with a WarGames clip of the iconic "Shall we play a game?" voiceline from the computer with Matthew Broderick responding with his "Alright!" line and then the song cuts in proceeded by various other movie clips. It had this kind of Pop/Alt. Rock song playing with it beginning with the lyrics of "I can't stand..." (sadly all I can remember from that). Towards the end of the promo, it had the lyrics of "You got the xxx, you got the moves, you got the xxx!" (xxx for words I can't remember); with each lyric posted on the screen as "We've got the xxx" and instead of "You've got the moves", it said "We've got the movies".

Naturally, I don't expect to get a proper answer for this, but I always figure stuff like this is worth a shot, even though it's a pure shot in the dark if anyone even remembers that commercial, let alone can find it on the internet at all (I've dug hard and deep around to no avail for a couple years now). Much appreciated to those who even purely try digging around a little.
There's this one particular song I remember being used in an AMC commercial, maybe it was 2007 but I think it was 2008.

Starting in 2007, AMC regularly did "movie montage" commercials for their monthly movies set to alt/pop/rock music -- they even put the name of the song and artist in the corner (MTV music video style) for some of the ads. Many of the promos were tailored to the lyrics of the song, like the one you described. Sometimes the ads flashed the lyrics on the screen, had movie clips featuring words from the song, etc.

Here is an example of one of those ads featuring "Misery Business" by the group Paramore:


Unfortunately AMC did many ads like this -- but you might be able to find the ad you are looking for on YouTube. Check out this channel with a few of those 2007 AMC commercials:

You could trying searching YouTube for AMC commercials from 2007 and 2008.
Could it be Opportunities (Let's Make Lots Of Money) by the Pet Shop Boys?
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