1. Biozeminade

    AMC promo WarGames

    There's this one particular song I remember being used in an AMC commercial, maybe it was 2007 but I think it was 2008. I remember recording some movies off of the DVR we had a long while ago and constantly watching them throughout the next several years. Eventually the family cancelled the DVR...
  2. D

    Ride with Norman Reedus

    Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me with a song that played at about 45 minutes into the first episode of this season's "Ride". It's a female singer, with a bit of a retro Dusty Springfield vibe and the opening lyrics are "Riding in your car I don't know where, I never bothered asking you my...
  3. L

    AMC Christmas Week

    Hello! Does anyone know what song is playing in the background of this AMC commercial? I'd love to find out who sings it. Any help is most appreciated. TIA!
  4. B

    AMC Something More

    Help!! Tonight during "Fear The Walking Dead" there was a commercial for AMC something more. It seemed to feature fans and their creations for The Walking Dead and other shows. The lyrics were as follows: It feels like you're taking over I am loosing my composure... I can't stop, I won't...
  5. T

    Mad Men

    Looking for the music: Thanks!
  6. T

    Owner's Manual

    Does anyone know the music featured in this spot? Or does anyone know who the proper branch to contact at AMC would be?
  7. A

    AMC promo February 2013

    Some of the lyrics are: "Is this the strongest we have ever been? We'll hold our own until we reach the end......slow us down. The .... will guide us through the dark. Our heart's beat as one, as we march into the setting sun. We are the warriors. The warriors. We are the warriors." The ... is...
  8. 1

    AMC Movie Theater Music

    What is the name of the song playing during the AMC emergency exit video they show. I think it is divided up between their advertising for sodas and popcorn and the emergency exit clips. Thanks in advance!
  9. B

    The Pitch

    Looking for the song played from 1:15 - 1:56 during this trailer... "Look out your window, do you like what you see?"
  10. W

    AMC "Merry Merry Christmas"

    Anyone know who sings the "Merry, Merry Christmas" song in the AMCTV Classic Christmas promo ads? It's got a Motown/R+B feel to it. Women are singing it. Thanks in advance. :)
  11. erlymetl

    Hell On Wheels

    Its a new one on AMC ---who does the music ?
  12. K

    AMC Sunday night promo

    AMC has a new Sunday commercial for November 2011 featuring The Walking Dead and Hell on Wheels. The song played in this promo is awesome! Does anyone know the song?
  13. estioe

    August AMC promo

    Does anyone know the music for the new AMC promo that started showing this month of August? It has a woman singing, and she sounds kinda like Bjork.
  14. L

    AMC "Mob Movie Week"

    Anybody know the name of or where to find the music that's in the promo for AMC's "Mob Movie Week". Sounds a little like Lady of the Water, but not anywhere on the score could I find it. Thanks.
  15. M

    The Walking Dead

    Can anybody identify any of the music in the trailer for the new season?
  16. J

    AMC July 2011

    Does anyone know the name of the song in the July 2011 commercial promo for AMC's "we love the movies you love"?
  17. D

    The Killing

    I remember looking for this song a while back. I recently stumbled upon it and thought someone else might be looking for it. Scene: Rosie's father bursts into Jasper's home looking for Rosie. Song: Losers - No Man Is An Island
  18. H

    Trying to identify old AMC promo song

    Can someone help me find this song? It played during a frequent AMC commercial between July 2004 to June 2008, that promoted their movies. The video montage included the scene from "When Harry Met Sally", when you see Sally's face at the final New Year's party when she sees Harry arrive. I...
  19. I

    AMC / Examiner Music May 2011

    Sounds like both AMC and the Washinton Examiner are using the same song in their latest promos. Anyone have any clue what the song is?
  20. D

    AMC promo

    Specificly the one that is set to the song "The One I Love" by David Gray. Does anyone know where I might find that clip. I have already searched YouTube no luck, They have several clips but not that one. Any help would be greatly apriciated. Thank you. and by AMC I mean the AMC Channel