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Help!! Tonight during "Fear The Walking Dead" there was a commercial for AMC something more.

It seemed to feature fans and their creations for The Walking Dead and other shows.

The lyrics were as follows:

It feels like you're taking over
I am loosing my composure...

I can't stop, I won't stop ah ah ah ah ah I can't get enough

It is seriously going to haunt me!
If anyone knows what this is!! Please let me know!!
Not sure my last reply worked so here is one more. Band is Stone Coast, single I can't get enough. 2013 I believe. Saw your post initially when I was searching for it. Saw no luck here. Found it came back. Registered and replied. Hope it helped.
Hello There!!
My reply is so late!!! As I kind of gave up hope, but I just checked it randomly and boy am I glad!
I want to thank you so much!
It is EXACTLY the song I was looking for so desperately!
Bless you! You are an angel!!
*attack hugs you!