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    AMC movies montage

    whats the music in this new one? in the commercial it has clips from a lot of movies like desperado, true lies, a clint eastwood movie, john wayne i believe is in it. its kind of like a slow song like talking about kissing in the rain, i couldnt understand it. thanks.
  2. G

    AMC Sunday night movie Promos

    This a long shot, But I've been watching the back to the future marathon on AMC. During which they continuously promote their Sunday night movie premieres. Its probably made for the comercial but I just thought I'd post anyway to see anyone had any clues. Thanks!
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    The Walking Dead

    Can anybody name the song played at the end of the first episode? When Rick is stuck in the tank as the camera starts to pull away and shows the zombie's eating the horse in the street? Alt-rockish. Male voice. Thanks.
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    AMC "We Love the Movies You Love"

    Anyone happen to know the music being used for AMC channel's commercial promo of the movies that they will be playing this month?
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    Ok...enjoying this new show on AMC called RUBICON, but am trying to figure out what song is being played throughout the "quieter" portions of the show. It is very simple piano. Love the sound and wanting to figure out what it's called. Thanks for any help! Sproles
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    AMC Promo Song

    When a Movie is about to come back on after a commercial break, they play a little 5 second jingle while the screen says "you are now watching____" Where can I find this jingle?
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    Breaking Bad Season 3

    I was looking for what the music was in this episode and I found my answer here: Bonus track: Timber Timbre's "Magic Arrow" was the song that played beneath the dialogue-free sequence mentioned above...
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    AMC The Prisoner

    Gang, Check out the newly released 9 minute preview for the remake of The Prisoner on AMC. Some music comes in at the 7:45 mark and runs throughout. I have been trying to find out if that is an...
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    Breaking Bad Season 2

    Anyone know what the song at the end of the show is?
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    AMC "And the Nominees Are..." Academy Awards

    Recently AMC has been airing a commercial for 'honoring the nominees' of movies nominated for Oscars, for five days. As it cycles through the movies, there's what sounds like part of a song playing in the background, anyone know what this is?
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    AMC Valentines Day

    I heard it just briefly, but the music playing in the background of the AMC commercial for their Valentines Day movies was really good. I can't recall the lyrics, but the commercial had clips from Officer and a Gentlemen and a couple of others with Sandra Bullock. Anyway, I will update this...
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    AMC "Christmas Is Here" Christmas with the Duke

    Tonight (12/15) during the George C. Scott version of A Christmas Carol on AMC, there was a commercial for AMC itself. Slow, guitar, sad voice singing, "Christmas is here." Any information?
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    AMC March 2007

    I've been looking high and low for the song used in an AMC "Killers Week" bumper from what I believe to be November of 2007. The only lyrics that were audible were what sounded like a chorus, a singer who sounded like the person from the Violent Femmes repeating, "You're such a kill - er, such...
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    AMC Godfather

    On AMC they've been showing The Godfather, along with TV spots for it. It's in the typical AMC style, they show brief clips of the Godfather and a quote from the movie. There's an almost foreign sounding hip hop song playing in the background, anyone know what it is?
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    Breaking Bad Season 1

    Does anyone know what the fast paced spanish song is in the Pilot of Breaking Bad? Also, the song at the very end when the main character goes to bed with his wife. The AMC website has a section devoted to the music of this show but something is wrong and it is unaccessible. Thanks.
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    AMC Classic Movies

    Boy, AMC has really been using some good sounding NEWER tunes to promote shows lately. Seems funny that it's primarily Modern Alt-Rock stuff, you'd be inclined to think it would be more Singers and Standards on American Movie Classics, LOL! Anywayz, it's a woman singing an upbeat number and I...
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    Breaking Bad

    Does anyone know the song featured near the end of a Breaking Bad commercial? It has a lot of u-ah's and it was also in the Goal! movie thanks
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    AMC December

    Heard a promo that AMC kept running during the airing of Lara Croft this evening. One of the choruses sounded like " came on you own" Repeated a few times. Any ideas?
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    AMC Hitchcock Marathon

    Usually AMC will make a small tag with the artist name and song title for their bumpers...commercials...whatever you call them. tonight, during their showing of mission impossible, they've been playing a song with these lyrics during a commercial ... "you can blame it on the whiskey you can...
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    AMC Promo

    The promo for the WWII movie Dirty Dozen on AMC. It's been playing most of the Veteran's Day weekend. I'm curious the song that's playing in the background. Lyrics are something like "Never Gonna Kill Us" or "Never Gonna Get Us." It sounds like a newer rock song.