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Ok there's this awesome song, kind of rocky. The only lyrics I could catch were:

Oh i could just feel it and it's deep in my bones
You gives me wiggles and it makes my bones shake
I said if i should touch you I may be electrocuted

I'm looking for two songs from the Maxim Hot 100 show. One of the songs is a rock/alternative song. The only lyrics I can make out is "She is apart of a love bird society..." I'm not sure if that's the exact lyrics but I'm pretty sure it is it. The other song I'm looking for is a Fabolous song. I know I heard it before but my brain is at a funk at trying to find out what it is. Anyway, thanks a lot!
I know Fabolous has a bunch of popular songs, but the first one that came to mind is the somehat ol' skool "Young'n". Maybe that's the one??
hello...i was watching the 2005 maxim hot 100 and there was a background song when #35 jamie king started talking about bulletproof monk. i dont know any of the words or anything, but if someone happens to see it and recognizes the song i would appreciate it!!!
There was a song played on the Maxim Hot 100 show that sounded similar to "TKO" by Le Tigre, but had the lyrics "I get this feeling that's deep in my body". MTV and VH1 use this song frequently on their shows and this was the first time the lyrics were ever included. Please help!
The song was also featured on the first episode of VH1's Kept when the guys were getting ready to swim across the Thames river. The song also includes a very subtle, "woo-woo" sound.

There's also another song that I'm looking for that was featured on Meet the Barkers when Shanna (sp?) was at the studio doing the audition. The lyrics sounded like "Oy! Oy Live". Please help!
I found the song. It's "Speaking In Tongues" by Eagles of Death Metal.
You're welcome! I was looking for this song to, but I typed in the 'it gives me wiggles" part and the song was apart of the results.
I watched the Maxim Hot 100 countdown on VH1 tonight, at the end of the show where they are wrapping it up saying eva is number one and stuff at the end of her interview there a this song playing and its the last one of the show, it has a guitar in it and sounded like daft punk but it wasnt them.
I'll take a crack at the first song ...

Just a wild guess (and with the help of Google) ...

Perhaps ...

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - "Love Burns" ???

I dunno ...
Right or wrong ...
There you go.