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Does anyone else on here ever watch this? I hope so! During the interview with the guy, on todays episode, who climbed mtns (hey I just have it on in the background, gimme a break) and who the guys said both "inspired and intimidated" them, they played a piece I liked. It may have been actually right after the interview. Anyway, an accoustic sound, kind of folk or indie. Long shot, I know, but there are some awesome and knowledgable folks on here, and I thought I'd give it a shot. Sometimes y'all surprise me!! I'll keep my fingers crossed.
Note: the thing with this show, the website seems to indicate that they try to use only unsigned, usually unknown bands. So... Even any suggestions are welcome.
And if anyone is familiar with 16 Horsepower it kinda reminded me of their more accoustical and folk stuff.