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On July 16, 2007, on NPR's morning edition, there was a story about a Green Beret who was killed during his second deployment to Iraq. They closed the story with one of their musical "interludes" which was a song with the lyrics:
"Somewhere, there's a little girl cryin',
Somewhere, there's an old man dyin'"

I am looking for the artist and song name. I wrote to NPR and they responded saying the song was For Blue Skies by Artist: Strays Don't Sleep. An OK song, but not the one I was looking for. You can hear the story by going to this link and clicking "Listen" - the music is just on for the last few seconds.

Can anyone identify this song for me? Thanks!
Oops! Never mind!!! I just figured out that it was actually another song on the same CD (the song is "Martin Luther Ave" - very nice IMO.). Please disregard this post. I hate when that happens!
I, too, like that song... "Martin Luther Avenue" by Strays Don't Sleep.

Thanks for the suggestion/recommendation.