Mervyns (Nov 2007)


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A new Mervyns commercial (seen November 15 2007, KCBS-2 Los Angeles) features a light remake of Queen's "Crazy Little Thing Called Love". There are no real lyrics, just the melody and a female voice singing "da da, da da, da da". It's probably something recorded for the commercial, but on the off-chance it's a commercially available track, I thought I'd ask if anyone knows who it is. So? Anyone? Bueller?

Here's more info: Visually, the commercial starts with a shot of a snow-covered cabin surrounded by snow and snow-covered trees, with snow falling in the foreground. The shot zooms out to show people, including a guy with a surf board, walking by, and reveals the snowy scene as a small billboard on a sunny beach. The billboard, in several similar shots, displays snow on a dark background with info about their one-day sale (this Saturday, November 17). The end shot is from above, looking straight down on a boardwalk (much like the pavement at Venice Beach, if you're familar with it), and two people rollerblade from one end to the other, around the superimposed Mervyns logo. The music and a female voice-over describing the sale can be heard throughout.

This commercial will only air for a couple of days, as the sale is this weekend (unless they use it sometime for another sale). Any help identifying the artist (or confirming it was made for the commercial) is greatly appreciated. Thanks!