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Hey, I want to know about this song that they play in all the VH1 All Access celebrity shows. It starts with the sound of a record scratching/stopping then then it sounds like steel drums are being played. It has a very Caribbean/tropical feel to it. Thanks!
Okay, I guess it could be an electric keyboard, but it kinda sounds like a steel drum.
Hell, it could even be a xylophone... it was playing during the VH1 All Access: Serial Daters that aired today, it played during Paris Hilton's segment.
Try the intro to "Take me to the Mardi Gras" by Bob James or "Peter Piper" by Run DMC which samples Bob James.
None of those were it. I can explain it better. It's one of those songs that once you hear you'd know exactly what I'm talking about.

1) It's most recently played in VH1's All Access: Serial Daters at the very moment they start showing Paris Hilton.

2) The first part of the song is this synthesized thing (kinda sounds like a fart)... its the exact same thing thats played at the beginning of Ying Yang Twins' "Salt Shaker"

3) After the synthesized thing, a tropical-sounding instrument starts playing, its the same 5 notes over and over. It plays the notes from lowest to highest, highest to lowest, etc.

The Serial Daters special is being shown all the time now on VH1, so if you happen to catch it, look out for the beginning of Paris Hilton's dating file, and see if you recognize the song.

Does anyone have any ideas at all?? The descriptions really weird, I know, but its hard to describe yet a very recognizable song... thanks!!
I haven't seen this show yet. when's it gonna be on next?
Is it part of "Jane Says" by Jane's Addiction? You can hear the steel drums/xylophone best near the end of the clip (track 4).
Sorry, that's not it... i'm pretty sure its not a rock song, but I could be wrong. Thanks anyway!

The song is probably a mid-tempo dance song, but it doesn't sound electronic. It has a very Caribbean/Jamaican feel to it.
Do you have any way of recording a clip of the song and posting it somewhere for us to listen to?
I looked on the VH1 site to see if they listed songs or had a clip of that part of the show, but no luck. This may be one of those songs I keep hearing, but because of no lyrics I never find out what it is.