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I am looking for the name of an 80s synthpop song that's used in an ad/bumper for VH1, on VH1. If I remember correctly, the ad is just animated, and shows the VH1 logo. The full song has lyrics to it, with something that is kind of repeated in a man's voice in the chorus, but I can't remember the lyrics or who performs this song. Thanks in advance for any ideas you can offer!
I believe the commercial your talking about has a song by the buzzcocks on it called something along the lines of "Why Can't I Touch It"

theres a sample here you can listen to

Buzzcocks Album
Nope, that's not it. This one was more techno-like. Does anyone else have any ideas?
That song by The Sounds was a great guess -- it's a song that I've heard on VH1 before and liked, and it's the same type of music -- so thanks for directing me to it!

Unfortunately, it's not the one I'm looking for, nor was it anything else on The Sounds' album. Does anyone have any further advice? This song reminds me very much of Depeche Mode, and could even be a Depeche Mode song, if that helps...
(it's not "Just Can't Get Enough".)

It's not that one either... I wish I could see the commercial again to give a better description. ;)