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Anyone know the theme songs to these two vh1 programs?
Is there a theme song? I always thought they were playing different music (relevant to that week) during the opening/closing credits. Have you tried asking about it at the Best Week Ever topic at the VH1 Message Boards?
ye they don't have a theme song. they mainly just play the popular songs at the time for the opening and the credits
What is the constant song from Beck that I hear throughout the show? It's a fast paced song and you hear the horn part of it. Does anyone know?

Da, da da da Daaaa.
it was when they were talking about farenheit 9/11 and the passion of the christ and how they didnt really get any nominations. it was in the backround and all i heard was an electric guitar. i dont really know how to descride it. if anyone can help me. plzz.
Any ideas on what song plays during this segment? Sounds like it's trumpet based.
On the most recent episode of Best Week Ever, a beautiful acoustic song was used. It was played during the segment about Paris Hilton's engagement. It began playing when Paris was stripping into red lingerie. Any idea?
Ok, boys & girls... I need your help!

There's a song that played near the end of this week's 'Best Week Ever' right after they announced Lactivists were, in fact, having the best week ever. The song never got to the vocals, but the very next song was Kelis' "Milkshake." If you saw the show and happen to know the song I'm talking about, well, hook a brother up!

Thanxx bunches,

on this weeks best week ever there was a song when the show started after it showed what would be in the episode and started up the opening it was an alternative song and the only lyrics I could make out were "make it better make it worse" I know the show should be repeating at 2:30 but I just missed it on the east coast so I couldnt catch it again any help is appreciated thanks
I would actually like to more a little more detail in where this song can be heard..... I can probably answer it, if someone just gave me at least a little more hints to where it was.
I dont have that good of info so hopefully someone can help me. There is a part in I think last weeks BEST WEEK EVER on VH1 where there is this black guy (again...dont remeber name) and he has this white guy and blonde girl dancing behind him as he is talking..I think he talks about things that happened that week or soemthing...anyway, I want to know the dance song that is playing in the backround during this segment! PLZ PLZ HELP! THANKS! :D
umm i dont kno if this is the song you are looking for but one of the songs playing in the background during the so you think u can dance segment was :
Missy Elliots- lose control
I was watching best week ever last night and they played this dance/trance song in a clip where it was the sort of bald headed guy dancing with a brunette in a club background. It's a pretty popular song, but I don't know the name of it. Thanks in advance
I saw that part, it sounded like dance/techno and they were dancing so the girl could show a clip from her role in battlestar galactica. I also want this song.