1. barishiman

    Toyota Prius Superbowl

    I think the commercial played during the third quarter of the game. Toyota was advertising their fuel effecient Prius. Both people and cars were stationary, but their legs/wheels were moving. The Prius would dodge the stationary cars while there was a narrative. The music was by a piano and I...
  2. D

    2005 Toyota Camry

    I have no idea what model car or car company this as was selling. I can't even really remember what the visuals were. My only description is that if you've seen this commercial, the song is probably stuck in your head right now. It has an intoxicatingly catchy hook. The singer is definitely a...
  3. SunRunner

    Toyota "Rolling Tire"

    Toyota "Rolling Tire" Hi All, Tonight, I saw a Toyoto ad that really wasn't advertising a car; instead it was promoting the company. In the ad, there were different scenes with people going about their daily lives. A tire was in each scene, too. The song in the background was sung by a...
  4. M

    Toyota MPG

    I've seen this commercial dozens of times recently, and can't figure out what the music is to save my life. It sounds familiar, but that could be because it's vaguely reminiscent of Nelly's "Ride Wit Me." The ad highlights Toyota's cars that get at least 30 miles per gallon. The only words I...
  5. M

    Toyota Matrix "Cell Splitting"

    I went to see the Bourne Supremacy last night, and they had a new ad for the Toyota Matrix. The car keeps splitting in two, and going off in different directions. At the end, the different versions all meld back into one. Anyway, I'm wondering if anyone know's who sings the song used in the...
  6. Q

    Toyota Matrix

    I believe this was a Toyota matrix, I'm sure the car was called "matrix" I just not 100% of the company that manufactured it. This song is a little old, maybe 1-2 years old. It used to be played in the theatres all the time. It was a pastel colored commercial. With a techno beat in the...
  7. Z


    Does anyone know who is singing the song "baby its cold outside" on the Toyota commericial...its making me nuts!!
  8. T

    Toyota Commercial - Man with Truck

    What is the song on the Toyota Commercial - Man with Truck? Nah Nah Nah Nah??? Any ideas
  9. P

    Toyota Prius

    whats the song in the prius comercial, the one with the E and the arrow like waiting to be able to meet. un some guys in costumes
  10. P

    2002 Toyota Corolla

    Music from the 2002 Toyota Corolla SE ads where the car is surfing/skydiving? Thanks, Pfeutz
  11. G

    2004 Toyota Camry

    The commercial is for a new toyota (i think) a dad is driving his punk daughter wherever, she inserts a cd and in steadof turning it off, the dad cranks it. The the commentator says something about being pround of your new toyota sound system. any ideas?