Toyota "Rolling Tire"


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Toyota "Rolling Tire"

Hi All,

Tonight, I saw a Toyoto ad that really wasn't advertising a car; instead it was promoting the company. In the ad, there were different scenes with people going about their daily lives. A tire was in each scene, too.

The song in the background was sung by a female. The verses I caught were:

"It's a beautiful day
It's a beautiful world . . ."

Anybody know what the song is?

Thanks :blink:
saw that too and was interested in the song...hope someone can give us some info on the title and artist.
Was it a guy singing? What genre of music was it? It might be the song It's a Beautiful Day by the band U2. Hope that helps :blink:
I think I saw the ad in question on NBC during that new animated show, "Father of the Pride"
It was Fisher and I think they are going to call it "Beautiful life" and if all goes well the full length version will be on their new CD hopefully coming out in March 2005.

They've done tons of commercials and have had a hit song with "I will Love you".
They may seem very familiar to you.
Hi There,

Ron Wasserman from the band Fisher here. We did the spot a few weeks ago. There is also a full length version that will be on our next CD release in early 2005. The tentative title is "Beautiful Day"


BTW - We also had a huge Hyundai commercial a few years back with "Freedom Is Calling" and Chrysler PT with "L-O-V-E."

Here are the lyrics for the Toyota spot.

hey child
up and go
big world is out there waiting for
us to
live in every day

you will find
there is love all around you
takes you
makes you wanna' say

that it's a beautiful life
and it's a beautiful world
and it's a beautiful time
to be here
to be here
to be here
:D Thanks so much! I should've recognized Fisher's sound; I have the "True North" CD, and I love their music.

Thanks for the help, Beatlefish. And wow! Thanks for the reply Ron. Now, I have something to look forward to in early 2005. I'll definitely buy your new CD; color me there!!
Well, this may help in narrowing it down. I believe you're referring to the Toyota commercial with the tagline: "Move Forward." It has a tire moving through some random scenes of people just going about their lives. It almost sounds Like Tori Amos. The lyrics that I could make out were: "It's a beautiful day . . . to be here."

I'm looking for it, too. So any help from anyone would be excellent!

I checked itunes, but the search was pretty limited to what I knew . . .
Unfortunately, here's the response I received from Toyota regarding the "tire" commercial for the new "Moving Forward" campaign . . . Drat!


Please be advised that the music for the Wheel spot is sung and composed by Kathy Fischer with Hum Music. They were asked to write a piece of music to go with this particular spot. In case you were interested, unfortunately, this music is not available for sale.

We wish to express our appreciation for your interest in our products and would like to thank you for taking the time to email us.

Toyota Customer Experience

Wow! Thanks right back at you for taking the time to post here, Ron!

I've enjoyed Fisher's music for some time. I should've realized the song was from you! Thanks for posting the lyrics and the info for when the CD is coming out!

Continued success with the band! Thanks! :D
Is there anyone out there who knows the name and performing artist of the song feutured in the new Toyota ad?, that one about a rolling tire. Thanks
Anyone know what I'm talking about? What's that song? The commercial with the tire just rolling around into elevators, with a pregnant woman, on halloween?
I saw that tonight for the first time -- it's a great commercial.

I told my wife that this site gets a lot of posts each day -- that I'll go on tonight, and someone will probably have asked about it already... which they did
I saw a commercial for AT&T(I *think* that's what it was), & it featured a female voice singing "It's a beautiful...." That's all I can really tell you about it. Does anyone know who sings it, & what the name of the song is?
You may be thinking of the Toyota commercial with the song "Beautiful Day" by Fisher.
Originally posted by Mr. Awesome@Oct 13 2004, 11:03 PM
You may be thinking of the Toyota commercial with the song "Beautiful Day" by Fisher.
I think that's it! Thankyou!!
toyota commercial with a wheel rolling along
it's a woman singing a poppy song

it's a beautiful life
and it's a beautiful world
and it's a beautiful time to be you
to be you

any kind soul know the artist/title of the song?