1. BJCole

    2023 Toyota RAV4 "Squabble"

    View: Does the song in the 2023 Toyota commercial Squabble/New Roommate exist? I love the music in that commercial, but I can't find it.
  2. F

    2016 Toyota Prius "Hunters"

    Can someone pls tell me the name of the song playing in the background of this commercial
  3. A

    2016 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid with James Marsden "Lumberjacks"

    Does anyone know the song that is playing?
  4. G

    Toyota Camry

    Hello! So yesterday I saw a Toyota Commercial with a Camry driving next to a truck with a huge mirror on its side. There was a song playing that had the lyrics " I am good, I am fly" it was a rap type song. I found a song on youtube "I am good" by Chalie Boy.. but its not it.. I can't seem to...
  5. C

    2014 Toyota Avalon

    Hi, I really like the music in the new 2014 Toyota avalon commercial. It was instrumental and mellow. It still plays on television, but I can't find it anywhere on the internet! The only words that I can remember being used in the voiceover, the guy was saying Innovation, Luxury, and some other...
  6. codeman38

    Toyota Tundra "Build Anything"

    Anyone have any idea what the song is in this series of ads? Neither Shazam nor SoundHound seem to recognize it, and I'm thinking that it's probably either stock music or written specifically for the ad (especially given that Shazam recognizes the ad itself but not its music?)... but I figure...
  7. M

    2014 Toyota Corolla "Style Never Goes Out of Style"

  8. C

    2013 Toyota Avalon

    I have another for you. Any help would be appreciated. Pretty music.
  9. T

    Toyota Rav 4 "The Journey"

    Just regisitered because I've been trying to find out this song. I love it.
  10. V

    Toyota iQ internet commercial

    Hey Guy, I saw this in a blog linked to Vimeo. . A Toyota of Belgium ad for the iQ. I love the tune and would love to look up this song, the artist and more of their work. Any help on this song and artist would be appretiated.
  11. K

    2012 Toyota Prius V "More Efficient"

    Does anyone know what the song is in the new Prius ad. It shows the various seasons with the vehicle and the song featured is sung by a woman and they lyrics go "come along, come along, baby baby come along, baby baby come along with me" Thanks in advance
  12. 1

    Toyota FT-86 "Devoted to Innovation"

    Toyota recently released a teaser add for their new car, the FT-86/Scion FR-S (here's hoping a new Supra is coming soon!). Does anybody know who does the music for this? Thanks!
  13. Y

    Toyota CM

    Need help finding CM music Anyone knows what music is featured here? Also these from the same vehicle model/series Can someone please help me?
  14. S

    Toyota Hybrid

    the name of the track on the toyota hybrid advert is a song called "walking on a dream" by empire of the sun. :D
  15. Guest

    Toyota Racing NASCAR "Housewife"

    Anyone know the singer for the song in this spot?
  16. U

    2011 Toyota "Filled With Pride"

    Does anyone know the instrument song that is played in the new Toyota Filled With Pride commercial ?
  17. aarontennies

    Toyota "Ideas for Good" rollercoaster

    I would very much like to know what music is used at the end of this commercial: It's an instrumental piece with a repeating string melody and a rhythm very similar to the rhythm in "Bittersweet Symphony" by The Verve. It seems to be a reoccurring theme used in various forms in most of the...
  18. B

    2010 Toyota Corolla "Magic Man"

    I am trying to find the song in the new Toyota Corolla 2010 commercial. I have searched, emailed, and done everything I can to find this song. No luck. Please help!!! This is the only video I could find.
  19. M

    Toyota Toyotanomics Event

    What is the name of the song used in the national spots that are running in July/August? The instrument is a bass guitar with a quick riff. I want to get my hands o that music, but am having a devil of a time finding it. This is the "Toyotanomics" series of ads running. Thanks!
  20. T

    Toyota Auris HSD Full Hybrid

    Who is the artist and what is the song? Thanks!