1. K

    Toyota Red Tag

    I've seen this Toyota Red Tag Commercial for a few days, but it could be older. It airs in Ontario and links to but I don't see antyhing on their site. It's an upbeat song, with lyrics like: "Smile, it's what you make me do Smile, when I think of you. My heart I'm giving you to...
  2. F

    2011 Toyota Avalon train

    I know the song is Mr Sandman by the chordettes and is covered by San Francisco's Pomplamoose band. However, I am wondering who the actors and acrtress are in the getting in to the vehicles in the train ad? Pomplamoose (danielle singing, jack nearly everything else) If you enjoyed the train...
  3. J

    Toyota Sienna wind tunnel

    I'm not sure if the music in the new Toyota Sienna commercial was made specifically for the ad or not, but I'm hoping it wasn't and someone might know what it is. It's a slow, instrumental song that plays while showing the vehicle in a wind tunnel with smoke streams running over it. If anybody...
  4. R

    2003 Toyota Corolla "Surfing"

    Can anyone tell me the name of the artist and the title of this song used in a 2003 Toyota Corolla tv commercial?
  5. J

    Toyota "Makin it easy on you"

    Can someone please help me out with where I can find the Toyota song they've been playing during the football games/superbowl that goes "Makin' it makin' it easy, easy on yoooou!" Thanks!!!!!!
  6. L


    I'm looking for the music that's in a current toyota commercial I believe featuring the Corolla. It's instrumental, heavy on stringed instruments. The commercial features a blonde woman driving a Corolla (I believe) and she's on some winding road when the sun's starting to go down and she looks...
  7. A

    Toyota Verso

    i want this music from this ad to my video i need to know as soon as possible
  8. M

    Toyota 2010 4runner

    Hi i was wondering if anyone knew what the song was in that commercial, all i know is that the title of the song is called "Push It(Real Good)" originally by salt and pepa but it is a different version by some other artist but that's why i want to know if anyone knows who did the cover for the song.
  9. K

    Toyota Canada drive-in theatre

    I heard a song in a Toyota commercial I saw at the movie theater. The commercial shows ten years of Toyota cars and has the berlin wall and stuff in it. The song has the lyrics "under the stars, over my heart" but I can't find it anywhere! help, please!:(
  10. M

    Toyota Thanksgiving Sales Event

    I'm looking for the music used in the California Toyota sales event music for their Thanksgiving sales event, their motto this year is "This Thanksgiving, say yes to a Toyota."
  11. G

    2010 Toyota Camry and Corolla

    Does anyone know the Artist/Title of the song in the new 2010 Camry and Corolla commercial? It starts of with either a keyboard or synthesizer (kind of like Postal Service's song "Such Great Heights"), then the drums kick in, finally an overdriven bass guitar. I know it's not much to go on...
  12. G

    Toyota "Overprotective" commercial

    I am trying to find a car commercial that I saw about two weeks ago that was hysterical. It is of a mother standing behind a car pulling out all this sports gear from the back of the car and putting it on her roughly 7 year old son and you see her placing more and more gear (hockey and...
  13. jca

    Toyota Lets the Love Flow

    For a new 2010 Toyota Prius commercial, Toyota commissioned the services of a distinct vocal harmony on the song "Let Your Love Flow" to complement the sunny visuals created for their popular auto: Tq4nrmnqY9o For this 3rd generation Toyota Prius commercial, singer Petra Haden sings an a...
  14. K

    2010 Toyota Prius "Solar"

    Anybody know anything about the song on the commercial for the 3rd generation Prius? It's an acapella female voice singing "da dee da".
  15. A

    2010 Toyota Prius "Harmony" "Let Your Love Flow" cover

    Anyone know the artist/album for the cover of "Let Your Love Flow" in the new Toyota Prius ad? Thanks, Fred
  16. S

    Toyota Venza

    I've seen commercials for Toyota's new Venza and I really like the music in one of them. It's very electronic sounding and the narrator begins by saying "Finally, a car that revolves around you." Unfortunately, I don't recall any lyrics in the music so I can't really search for it. Would...
  17. N

    2007 Toyota Prius

    Does anyone know what song this is in the commercial?
  18. E

    Toyota Toyotathon

    Hey, does anyone know the artist, and song for the Pop/Rock song playing behind the "Toyotathon" commercial that played during NFL games on Sunday, 14 December, 2008?
  19. shikhanshu

    Toyota Matrix 2009

    Hello everyone, I usually find tunes from ads on youtube comments and pretty fast too. But the following two are still unknown to me after days of searching :( . I registered just now to ask around over here? 1. Toyota Matrix 2009 (one of those small "get in touch with your dark side" ads?) -...
  20. P

    Toyota Corolla

    Whats the song playing during the new commercial. The commercial shows a kid growing up in cut scenes, and ending up at the car.