Toyota Matrix 2009


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Hello everyone,

I usually find tunes from ads on youtube comments and pretty fast too. But the following two are still unknown to me after days of searching :( . I registered just now to ask around over here?

1. Toyota Matrix 2009 (one of those small "get in touch with your dark side" ads?) - The one i am talking about is about the JBL audio system in the Toyota Matrix - It features a nun break-dancing on the street. A really funky tune plays in the background and I have no idea what song that is :(

here it is:

2. Blackberry Bold - This has been around for a long long time and I have seen many many people trying to find out the song but to no avail. I dont even know if its a song or just a jingle for the ad. Pretty smooth and melodious tune :(

here it is:

If you guys can give me any idea about any of these two, it will be so awesome :)

Re: Toyota Matrix 2009 and Blackberry Bold :(

Oh, Sorry for that.