1. M

    1990s car commercial, possibly Nissan, country music

    Okay, here's a really obscure one. I remember a car or truck commercial from probably the '90s, maybe the late '80s, where there was a guy sitting on top of a billboard watching a car going down a deserted road, maybe even a literal desert. I think the guy was wearing a baseball cap, if that...
  2. A

    old car commercial without any car, just scenery and music

    I remember there was a car commercial that had no car in it. It was on TV way back when Johnny Carson was still on TV and he made a comment once something like "what kind of a car commercial doesn't show the car?" One of them just showed a sort of water tunnel, i.e. water jets squirting water...
  3. M

    Car commercial help

    all of a sudden i started thinking about this really good song i heard in this car commercial around half a year to a year ago, i have bin craving to actually hear this song and not just play it over in my head ever since i started thinking about it!!! its a rock song that has a nice slow beat...
  4. T

    Please help me with this song!!!! Car commercial

    ok i think its a car commercial, at least im pretty sure it is. I need to kno the name of the song if anyone can please help me its driving me crazy. In the commercial the song is playing and they explain how the sound system of the car was made by some big music producer person and they say...
  5. P

    Porsche Roots In Racing

    Hi, I was hoping to find out what song is playing in this video. Thanks in advance!
  6. R

    2010 Cadillac SRX Crossover

    There's actually a new one out for the 2010 SRX. It features action shots of a silver SRX. The song is a catchy kinda industrial/techno/alternative. Unfortunately I haven't found a copy of the commercial online yet. Anyone know the one I'm talking about?
  7. P

    New England Lincoln Mercury

    New England Cable News (NECN) has run a New England Lincoln Mercury ad that has a great electronica tune. It sounds like it is by God Lives Underwater or 808 State. The commercial points to the website but the commercial isn't there. Anyone in New England (or anyone who can find the...
  8. L

    2010 Lincoln MKS "Burnin' for You"

    Anyone know the artist?
  9. M

    Seat Leon Altea and Exeo

    plz i really beg u...can someone tell me the name of this song have searched everywhere...i pray to god..plzzzzzz
  10. S

    2009 Nissan Altima

    Anyone know the music for 2009 nissan altima commercial. All I remember was the car was blue. Piano riff?
  11. K

    Buick LaCrosse

    I just saw an ad for Buick LaCrosse, it took place on a beach I think. It was using Hotstepper by Ini Kamoze.
  12. jca

    Toyota Lets the Love Flow

    For a new 2010 Toyota Prius commercial, Toyota commissioned the services of a distinct vocal harmony on the song "Let Your Love Flow" to complement the sunny visuals created for their popular auto: For this 3rd generation Toyota Prius commercial, singer Petra Haden sings an a capella cover...
  13. K

    2010 Toyota Prius "Solar"

    Anybody know anything about the song on the commercial for the 3rd generation Prius? It's an acapella female voice singing "da dee da".
  14. B


    I am trying to find a song that was in MB commercial about 10 yrs ago. It was sung by a woman (Sarah Vaughn or Shirley Bassey- type voice). The car moves slowly across the tv she sings about love----"to the east of the west of it." I wish I knew more lyrics. I have been...
  15. D

    Mercedes-Benz C-Class "Dance"

    Does anyone know what song they use in the Mercedes-Benz commercial? Thank you for the help
  16. J

    Dodge Chrysler Jeep "We Build"

    It's part of the "We build" series that Chrysler/Jeep is doing, but I don't remember which it was advertising. It was some sort of mini SUV It was a girl and she kept singing "It's okay" The commercial starts out- We build coolers, we build dog houses" Sorry for the lack of information. Any...
  17. J

    Jeep Grand Cherokee "We Build"

    The new Jeep commercial in their "We Build" campaign was written by artist Kristin Diable.
  18. A

    2010 Toyota Prius "Harmony" "Let Your Love Flow" cover

    Anyone know the artist/album for the cover of "Let Your Love Flow" in the new Toyota Prius ad? Thanks, Fred
  19. M

    Audi A4 "Laws of Physics"

    Another Audi commercial track name request... This one is probably proprietary like the others, but I'm hoping someone might at least be able to point me to an artist? Too bad Audi isn' t offering a download of this track as well! Viewable here:
  20. T

    2010 Honda Insight "Gig"

    This new Honda Insight commercial aired on 4/20/09 during an episode of "Chuck". Everyone in the commercial is gathering for a concert. Does anyone know the song? Thanks!