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I went to see the Bourne Supremacy last night, and they had a new ad for the Toyota Matrix. The car keeps splitting in two, and going off in different directions. At the end, the different versions all meld back into one. Anyway, I'm wondering if anyone know's who sings the song used in the commercial. I can't even tell you how it went, it was very cool though!
Hi there.
I also saw this commercial, but I haven't been able to find any information on it. It doesn't look immediately like a made-for-commercial track, but we've all been surprised before.

Anyone got any responses or ideas?

If someone can find out who the ad agency is, that would be good. Asking them helps a lot. Sometimes they, or the artist provides the track for the public domain.
I have been trying to find it also, this is what I got from Toyota. If someone happens to find it - that would be great.

Dear Mr. xxx,

Thank you for your recent correspondence.

The music used in our 2005 Matrix advertising campaign is a custom score created by a music house especially for the commercial. We are not aware of the score's title.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact us.


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It's the music in the toyota commercial... it's like techno like almost..

this is canada, so the end it says

it has a girl's voice (i think)

thanks a lot!
<_< i want the name of the song in the new 2004 toyota matrix commercial cell splitting.... :rolleyes:
Let me add some info cuz I'm looking for it too and I just "discovered" it the other day.

Toyota Matrix "commercial" in theatres, starts out with a guy driving towards a barrier and just as he's about to hit it the car splits in two. The rest of the commercial has the car either splitting into multiples or congealing back into one. At the end there are about 5 ppl in the car including some kind of anime character.

The song is sorta trancey, female vocal to the effect of "just like in my dream".

Let me know if I'm off on this. :)
I recently saw a commecial in Europe with the chorus going "....thinking outside of the box". It was played a lot during Euro Cup. Does anyone know the name of this song?

Hi, i recently watched the terminal in the theatres and saw an ad for the pontiac vibe or toyota matrix (not exactly sure what one) where at night, 3 or 4 cars do a powerslide into eachother to become one car, anyone know the song thats playing in the background??
Hi Everyone!

A while ago I started a thread about the new Toyota Matrix commercial (the one where the car's split apart). I couldn't figure out who sang the song in the commercial. Toyota wasn't particularly helpful, someone wrote to them and they just said it was done by an independent music house.

Recently I was surfing around and I found a page that had a nice high quality copy of the song available for download! It also has a nice description of how the commercial was made.

Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions to me earlier. I appreciate it!
I checked a few sites and found two different answers. Someone said it was Powerman 5000, another person said it was vinylgroover and the name is called feels like magic.
Not sure if this holds true.
i can tell you guys it is not vinylgroover, he's a happy hardcore dj and the matrix track is towards progressive house.
Hey people!
I saw a couple movies about a month ago and in the features before the actual movie there was a toyota commercial with a bunch of people driving different coloured cars. In on scene the 2 cars collided together to form and new car and then split up again and in the end there were 5 people in one car. The music had a girl singing, sounded like the cardigans, techno and popish. Thanks for your help. I just remembered it was an Ad for the Toyota Matrix..if that helps!
I think it might be by an artist called "Eggplant." I'm trying to find the song on one of their albums, but it's most likely that the song was made for the commercial. I sure hope not though.
I want the name of the song from the nissan maxima commercial. The commercial has many cars that split out to form eachother, then they go back together at the end.
It sounded like a techno song. A girl is singing. I can never make out what she is saying though.
from your description, i think you might be describing the toyota matrix commercial.
Recently there has been a toyota matrix ad playing in theatres here. The car splits into 2 and sometimes 3. Just wanted to know what the song playing was, it was technoish.
Some of the lyrics were something like:

"won't stop feeling" or "can't stop feeling"

and I think: "just like in my dreams"
OK, after some more googling, mystery solved:

Please do not ask me who produced the music for Toyota Matrix. I don't have this information and even if I did, I couldn't disclose the company name without written permission. What I can tell you is that the track was produced exclusively for the spot and to my knowledge, is not commercially available. Also, I am aware that the end of the track ends abruptly. This is not an error. This is an exact copy of the track we received. Thanks.