is this stupidest joke, you're heard ?


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one day, in a middle of field, under a tree, there is two horses and a dog. the dog doesn't have a name, but two horses does timmy and tommy ! tommy ask timmy, if he would race with him, to the tree ( about half mile away )and back. so tommy agree to it, and they start the race, and they were neck to neck most of the race. a farmer ( the owner of tommy and timmy ) on his tracker on top of the hill looked down at the horses. the horses about to the end of the race, timmy was head by neck length, it really close. all sudden , tommy let loose win by a nose ! the farmer was impress by his horses, and he entered in the state race. tommy and timmy with 4 other horses were on the start line,and it was the same race around the same tree ! then the horses were off and the same thing happen timmy was head again, and tommy a neck length away from timmy, all sudden, tommy let loose, and wins by nose ! so, the farmer doesn't stop the horses, he enter them more races and tommy keep winning. that night before belmont race, the two horses are with the other 4 horses start with them from the beginning, are the same stall waiting for the next day. one horse ask tommy; " tommy, tomorrow, why don't let timmy wins the race, you really, don't care, if you win or not ! " all the horses and even the dog ( the dog with tommy and timmy at all races ) waiting for the answer ! tommy said to timmy; " they are right that i don't care if i win, after this race, we are going to retire after this race any way, we going to lives back on field, and timmy just smile ! the next day, the 6 horses were on the starting line, and the gun went off, and they were off. once again, timmy is head by neck length, all sudden, tommy let loose, and win the race. a couple of weeks goes by, tommy , timmy ,and the dog was on the field. all sudden , the dog speak to the tommy and timmy, and the dog said to them ; " tommy, didn't you tell timmy you will let him win that race a couple of weeks ago ?" all sudden, both horses look at the dog, and then look each other, and then tommy said to timmy : " i didn't know that dogs can talk ?"