Toyota Matrix


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I believe this was a Toyota matrix, I'm sure the car was called "matrix" I just not 100% of the company that manufactured it. This song is a little old, maybe 1-2 years old. It used to be played in the theatres all the time. It was a pastel colored commercial. With a techno beat in the backround. But the beat wasn't constant. It would begin with stopping and starting, then it would finally go into the beat. Like I said, it began in this pastel color and I think it changed to normal color in the end. It was a red matrix...

Anyone have an idea?
I know its old but i just remember it and cannot find it. Anyway, its the commercial with the guy speeding through a city and the landscape peels away from cartoony to real and it ends with the car on top of a parking garage. Was really popular in movie theatres.
Here is the commercial, I think. But this song is different from the one I know.

It's been a while, but I believe the song is the instrumental track behind Lyrics Born's classic "I Changed My Mind" (The RattleSnake Remix).

Incidentally, that song can be found on Lyrics Born's second CD: SAME *^% DIFFERENT DAY, which is a very fine hiphop CD.
Hi I'm looking for the name of the song in a previous Toyota Matrix commercial ( not looking for the ad where the car slit many times)

This commercial begins with an animation of a guy with yellow sunglases. He enters the matrix car and starts to drive. As he accelerate, the drawing rips off behind him (it's a cartoon ad) and the car and the city now appear in real time. At the end the car drifts and stop on the rooftop of a multiple stor parking lot.

If you wanna see it click on :

Please help me find song