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I'm looking for the name of the song in a fairly recent (it's aired for about 2-3 months now) Toyota Echo ad. I live in Canada, but I'm pretty sure I've seen the ad on US television stations, too. In the ad, a guy pulls his Echo hatchback over to help a girl with a flat tire. When he opens the hatchback, an entire pit crew jumps out and changes her tire in about 3 seconds and then hops back in. At the beginning and end of the commercial is folky sort-of acoustic guitar song song by a female.

Can anyone help me identify it? Thanks.
Sorry this may have been answered in an earlier post, but I'm new here. I'm looking for the song that plays during the car commercial where the guy pulls over to help out this girl with a flat tire. He then lets a pit crew out of the back. I'm looking for the slower song that plays. Its a car that advertises a huge backseat, and this commercial is playing at most Galaxy theaters here in Ontario.
Okay yes this is the song I have been looking for as well. I created a post just recently.
Thank you for your recent correspondence.

The music used in our 2004 Echo Hatchback advertising campaign is a
custom score created by a music house especially for the commercial.
We are not aware of the score's title.
That would be the Toyota Yaris in other parts of the world, they just renamed it for Canada, they only sell the sedan here.
Really sorry to bump this topic but I'm obsessed with this song.

I recently found it sampled in a Her Space Holiday track called "Something To Do With My Hands". I came across it listening to their "The Young Machines" album and freaked out cause I thought I had suddenly found the song, but sadly, as said, it's only sampled. Curse you, Toyota!
There is an echo hatchback commercial... it is kind of old. It's a guy and girl on the side of the road and the guy opens his trunk and all these mechanics come out to fix her car. I can't really make out any words to the song but it is a woman singing. I think at the end of the commercail she says "I want it, I love it, can't get enough of it" Anyone know what I am talking about ?
Somebody have something new on this topic? I'm searching for that tune since a very long time....