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There was a commerical for the new Toyota Avalon that aired 2-14 on CBS during CSI Miami. One of the biggest things I remember from the commercial was that it had dancing shoes in it :p It was a female singer and it kind of sounded like Fisher, who sang a song for another Toyota commercial. I can't remember any of the lyrics. Does anyone have any ideas?
I know which ad your talking about, I've seen it a couple of time on TV.

There are no lyrics to the song, but it's a females voice I know that. It's a commercial not about their cars but rather about the Toyota Comapny and how they are "moving forward" or something, basicly promoting their company.

I'm not sure who sings it or the song, but maybe a better description if you see it would a little more helpful to others that may know.

I've read the posts on Fisher but that "Beautiful" song isn't the one that's used. Maybe it could one of their others ones?

I'm hoping I got the same ad as you lol
This commercial is from "Fisher." We had also done the "The Wheel" spot that ran a few months ago. That song, "It's a beautiful life" will be on our upcoming release in April

The current Avalon spot song only exists in that 30 second format for now. Since we are just delivering all the elements for our next release it is too late to create a full length version for this CD.

Info on the band: Fisher

BTW - We also have commercials running for Bob Evans Restaurants and in a few weeks, for Daisy Sour Cream.

Ron Wasserman
Thanks Ron! Will you be releasing a single from that commercial? I'm really looking forward to the release of your CD!

I'm glad I thought to take down the commercials directly when I saw them.

There's a *new* "new" Toyota Avalon commercial that female pop vocals.
Just saw the commercial tonight 2/16.

Help? :blink:

Thanks in advance! :p
It sounds like a woman singing. Anyone know the name/artist? Thanks.

Also, the song supposedly by Fisher in the Avalon commercial had lyrics this time, that's the only reason I made it a separate post. The previous listed it as "lyricless." I'm not such a n00b that I wouldn't use Search--When I did I came upon a post that claimed the song others heard was without lyrics.

The song in the commercial I saw began with the phrase "It's a beautiful day.../"
and had a man using a "Yield" sign as a kite and a newspaper fold itself up into a rabbit and hop away.
Cute, but weird.

:blink: Still curious,
i saw this commercial for the new toyota avalon and was wondering what the song in the commercial was. it was a women singing.
part of the lyrics went something like this:
"i say wow, the time is now..."

does anybody know?
it's not 'beautiful life' from fisher. the lyrics don't match. there's also no dancing shoes or a wheel.
The song lyrics go like this:
It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.
The sun shines bright, we are feelin good.
Turn your head and take a look around.
And I say wow. The time is now.
A big world is just outside our door.
It's time to go, it's time to live.
Cause that is what we are all here for.
The all new Avalon. An all new car for your reimagined life.
The commercial begins with a silver Avalon driving down a street.
Awnings over shops change color.
A yield sign flies like a kite.
Paper blowing in the wind becomes a paper rabbit that hops down the street.
It passes a window with tapping shoes.
Then there are tapping shoes surrounding a woman walking.
Then the Avalon is back driving in a tunnel.

The song is definately not Beautiful Life/World by Fisher.
It's not "It's a Beautiful Life" by Fisher but it is by Fisher...

Originally posted by fishertheband
The current Avalon spot song only exists in that 30 second format for now. Since we are just delivering all the elements for our next release it is too late to create a full length version for this CD.
I'm not sure we're talking about the same commercials. The first post sounds like it's talking about the commercial I'm interested in. The only lyrics I can remember sound like "And I said "Wow", the time is now". I listened to the 30 sec download of "A Beautiful Life" at and it doesn't sound like the same song. I could be wrong. But the commercial I'm thinking of is not the "Moving Forward" commercial it's a different one with dancing shoes and a rabbit made out of newspaper. Are we sure they're the same songs?
I'm curious about this one too. I posted about it in the other thread. The song "A Beautiful Life" from the first Toyota commercial can be heard on The song in this commercial sounds similar but not quite the same. But they could be two different parts of the same song.
Ron Wasserman answered this. It isn't the song "A Beautiful Life". That is the one that is going to be released on their new CD. This song in this commercial was only made for the commercial and only exists in a 30 second version. We are talking about the same commercial...the one with the dancing shoes and newspaper rabbit. Essentially, there is no song because it was only made in a short format especially for the Ron's reply above. It is the same commercial.
I understand now. Thanks for spelling it out for me. I'm disappointed there's no full length song, though, that bit is catchy.
I know. I really liked it too. I asked if they were ever going to release a full version, but haven't heard back :( The song does sound a lot like "Beautiful Life" though so at least we have that to look forward to :)
Two question, I want the song from the avalon commercial too, and when i went to listen to "beautiful life" on fisher's website, which led me to toyota's website, and i know it sounded nothing like the commercial, so two things, first i want to make sure, the song we heard on TV has something like "that's why we live" or something like that. and second thing is if we are talking about the same song, is there anyway, ron can release the 30 sec format of it somewhere, i really just want to hear that song again, i love the melody. if he can, even let us download it or something, i dont care if its only 30 seconds, i just really like the melody on the chrous
oh too bad....i really wanted that song on the commercial witht the paper rabit(avalon)....

can we at least get the 30 sec melody?