Searching for two lost commercials with Modest Mouse from the early 00s


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The infamous Nissan Quest minivan commercial from August of 2003 wasn't the first time Modest Mouse was featured in a TV ad, though it might've been the first one broadcast nationally. The same song was used for Miller Genuine Draft in the spring of 2002. It's listed in this database, and Isaac Brock referenced it in this 2004 AV Club interview. There's no trace of it though. I've even watched a bunch of 2002 commercial compilations on YouTube hoping to get lucky without success. Maybe it was only aired regionally, or for a short time? Not sure, but if anyone has it, I'd love to see it.

In that same AV Club interview, Isaac also mentions a shoe commercial: "Around the time we did the beer commercial and the shoe commercial, I thought, 'Am I compromising my music by doing this?' And I think not. I like keeping the lights on in my house." I've searched many times over the years and never found a crumb. Anyone have clues or leads on which shoes this commercial was for? Even better, anyone have it digitized?
It sounds like you have checked all the usual sources. I don't see any reference to a "shoe commercial" other than the interview you posted.

Have you tried asking on Modest Mouse fan sites, including on Reddit?