2004 Toyota Camry


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The commercial is for a new toyota (i think) a dad is driving his punk daughter wherever, she inserts a cd and in steadof turning it off, the dad cranks it.

The the commentator says something about being pround of your new toyota sound system.

any ideas?
Could some one tel me the song from the toyota camry commercial where the punk girl is riding with her dad. she puts a CD in and turns it on, her dad goes for the volume knobs, she rolls her eyes and then he turns it up and smiles. Then she smiles as they drive by some guys.
Here's a link to watch the ad: Toyota Camry

I found the following response, from Toyota (via Glyphs):

Posted by: BoneMonkey on Wed, Aug 20, 03 at 12:37

I emailed Toyota Canada and got this response recently:

Dear Mr. BoneMonkey,

Thank you for your recent correspondence.

The music used in our 2003 Camry advertising campaign is a custom score created by a music house especially for the commercial. We are
not aware of the score's title.

Thank you again for taking the time to write.


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Ok, that was the answer I was lookinf for.

anyone know the name of the song in the 2004 toyota camry commercial with the chick putting in the tune then the father cranking it up???