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Hello everyone,,
So I was looking for some good TV shows to watch and this show Money Heist on Netflix was recommended on several posts. I just finished watching the show yesterday and holy shit this is the most overrated hot shit on Netflix. People are comparing this to Breaking Bad? Seriously?

The idea of the heist is pretty good, I'll give them that. The first few episodes were quite intriguing and that's what got me hooked, but it went downhill after a few episodes. The writing is just so lazy. The character development was great in the first few episodes, but it just felt like filler afterwards.

Every character in the show is absolutely stupid, even the Professor. Why the fuck would you tell Angel where your hangar is? That was absolutely fucking unnecessary and could've made their operation 100% smoother.

In fact, every action by the Professor was fucking idiotic. Why go to the scrapyard and risk being seen by a potential witness when you could've sent the Serbs to burn the car for you. Why even go talk to the inspector at the cafe in the first place? That's just asking for trouble. And Raquel finally pieced everything together because she saw a brown strand of hair on the Professor's suit? Really? So many other red flags and the brown strand of hair was what gave him away? Really? The strand of hair could've been from a million other places. This is just lazy writing.

And seriously the drama and shit with all the hostages, that could've been solved if they offered everyone $1 million euros from the get go in return for cooperating. And the cops/security guards they had locked up in the basement? They should've just let them go in the beginning. Could've saved Oslo and avoided the explosion. The only hostage that really mattered was the ambassador's daughter anyway.

This show is so fucking overrated and stupid. And I see people comparing to Breaking Bad. Holy fuck, those fuckers have such bad taste. This is why we need professional critics to be the judge of what movies/shows are good or not..
hello Everyone as all know that money heist season 5 is released i want to see this webseries could anyone can tell me from where i can see this web series
Pretty underwhelming, and so many things didn't make sense (professor's actions, the dog tags, Denver). But we're home. It's a silly, fun show. It delivered on that end. It's an anime.

For sure I'm getting downvoted for calling it silly. I like the show, or else I wouldn't be watching. It's just good fun, flawed, good fun.

With news of its spin-off “Berlin” in 2023, all we can do is wait and hope it happens within the time and with the previous quality. Bella Ciao!
Re: I just finished watching La Casa de Papel (Money Heist)and this is the most overr

indeed it is.